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    Can anyone please elucidate some of the things that differentiates 10.3.1 from 10.2.1? Like how is 10.3.1 better than the previous versions and is it any good to install it once it becomes available. Thanks.

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    02-18-15 03:16 PM
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    Some of it.

    • Set Battery Saving Mode Options: By default, when your device is in Battery Saving Mode, the device reduces the brightness of the screen and doesn't turn on the screen when it receives notifications. You can set additional options to further extend the life of your battery.

    • Change App Permissions: The Run When Minimized application permission setting lets an app continue performing tasks after you minimize the app on your device. The Maps app is an example of an app that uses this permission. To help extend the life of your battery, turn off the Run When Minimized permission.

    • Turn off the Hold to Stay Awake Advanced Interaction: If you turn on the Hold to Stay Awake advanced interaction, the screen stays on longer while you hold your device in your hand. This setting overrides the value set in Settings > Display > Screen Timeout. To help extend the life of your battery, turn off the Hold to Stay Awake advanced interaction.

    • Create or Edit a Notification Profile: Notification profiles control how and when your BlackBerry device lets you know that you have new messages, phone calls, and more. Notification profiles control the sound, volume, vibration, and LED color of notifications by application, contact, and messaging account. You can customize the predefined notification profiles and create new profiles that work for you.

    • Create and Edit Custom Keyboard Shortcuts: If you have a BlackBerry device with a physical keyboard, you can perform a task simply by pressing and holding a specific key on the keyboard. You can use keyboard shortcuts from the home screen, BlackBerry Hub, or the Phone app.

    • Control How Much Content is Downloaded in Your Email Messages: To help manage your data usage, you can set the amount of content that is downloaded in your email messages when your BlackBerry device is connected to the wireless network and while roaming. This feature is particularly useful if you move frequently between a Wi-Fi network and a mobile network, or for frequent roaming. You can set this feature for each email account that is set up on your device.

    • Set Separate Automatic Replies for Your Internal and External Contacts: You can set an automatic reply for contacts within your organization and a separate automatic reply for contacts that are outside of your organization. You must have a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync email account added to your BlackBerry device that supports internal and external out-of-office notifications. You can also set a date range during which time automatic replies are sent.

    • New Calendar Features and Enhancements: Reminder notifications for events in the Calendar app have a fresh new look. From an event reminder, you can: Notify the meeting organizer that you will be late, Locate the meeting using the Maps app, Set a custom snooze time instead of the default snooze time, Join the conference call. If you have multiple events in your Calendar that start at the same time, all of the events display in one reminder notification. You can: Dismiss all of the events with a single tap, Set snooze to be reminded about all of the events in a few minutes, Dismiss a single event, Tap an event to view more options, including options to open the event details, set snooze, or set a custom snooze time.

    • Sync Microsoft Exchange Contact Folders: If you add a Microsoft Exchange email account to your BlackBerry device, you can choose the Contact folders that are set up in Microsoft Exchange that you want to sync with your device.

    • Quickly Copy Contact Information: You can touch and hold contact information, such as an address, phone number, or email address, and quickly copy it so that you can paste it into another app.

    • Hide or Show Some of Your Pictures: You can select the pictures you want to be able to hide quickly. For example, after you select the pictures you want to be able to hide, before you pass your BlackBerry device to a friend or coworker, with a quick swipe and tap, you can hide the pictures you don't want other people to see. After your device is returned to you, with another swipe and tap, you can quickly view the hidden pictures again.

    • View Your Pictures by Location: The Map feature in the Pictures app lets you see the locations where you have taken pictures. With a quick tap on the map, you can view all of your pictures from that location! You can zoom in and move around the map, just like when you use the Maps app.
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    02-18-15 03:22 PM
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    * And just in case you rely on flash on your browser, remember that it will no longer be supported.

    * On the Q10, you also get smaller icons on the main screen. Now it's 5 icons across. Was tough to get used to at first, but now it feels great to have more smaller icons. It's all relative and getting used to it.

    * Device Monitor now tracks data usage and allows you set a quota to help not exceed your allowed data. (I still use Usage Pro app for that out of habit and since I paid for it lol)

    * and getting BlackBerry Blend working is awesome.

    * "Recent Contact Management" in the Hub settings comes in handy if you deal with many emails and someone is flagged as a frequent contact that isn't necessarily so.

    I've been installing leaks on my daily driver for a little while now, and honestly don't remember what 10.2.1 is like lol.

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    02-18-15 04:23 PM
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    Can anyone please elucidate some of the things that differentiates 10.3.1 from 10.2.1? Like how is 10.3.1 better than the previous versions and is it any good to install it once it becomes available. Thanks.
    You have to try it for yourself and decide. Based on what I see in leaked OS versions, my personal decision is to stay on 10.2.x OS.
    02-18-15 04:25 PM
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    There are at LEAST 4 other threads the exact same as this one. I'd suggest trying the Search function and reading them.

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    02-18-15 04:26 PM
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    There is major UI update.. and etc

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    02-18-15 10:25 PM

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