1. vicky_235235's Avatar
    Can somebody please give me the link for official 10.3.1 for stl 2 as I have unlocked phone and I don't see any update thru OTA !! Or how to update??

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-15 10:09 PM
  2. lycan666's Avatar
    Me neither, on Vodafone India with a shopbb z30, though a friend of mine has it on his z10

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-15 10:19 PM
  3. hemant5's Avatar
    No shopbb phones has got the update yet..

    Posted via CB10 on Z10
    02-20-15 11:27 PM
  4. nuff_said's Avatar
    A lot of us are still waiting for the update. From what I've read it appears most Z30 and PP users are waiting for the update to pop up. Some where I live are posting screen shots showing the update, but most of us see nothing. I don't get this rollout. It's a pretty unusual way of getting things done. But then again BlackBerry is a pretty unusual company
    Perhaps it was sent out because it was promised in February 2015, and BlackBerry didn't want to release it the last week of the month. Some customers and media outlets would have eaten them alive for it. From reading on this board it sounds like some people are experiencing issues with the update, so if you haven't received the update yet it might be a blessing in disguise. Hold off; I'm sure it won't be much longer.
    02-20-15 11:39 PM
  5. m1k3_666's Avatar
    As stated, most of Americas carriers are not pushing yet. That also affects unlocked phones exported to other regions such as my unlocked AT&T Q10 SQN100-1. My wifes Z10 on our carrier has already received the update, I guess I will go to Sachesi soon...
    02-21-15 12:34 AM
  6. hestonk's Avatar
    Look at Michael Clewley's update earlier today. My shopbb passport hasn't updated. guess they're still working out some bugs.


    No shopbb phones has got the update yet..

    Posted via CB10 on Z10
    02-21-15 12:35 AM

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