03-15-15 02:22 PM
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    I like it as well. Nice and clean look.

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    03-15-15 01:31 PM
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    You lost me here. Is 10.3.0's calendar different from 10.3.1's? I'm not sure what "this problem" is to which you're referring. I was saying that the lines in 10.2 didn't help me because they didn't really convey any information. It's been awhile since I used it, but I thought the line would appeared depending on where in the day the meeting was. I don't know how exactly it was divided, but if the line was 3/4 of the way down, it didn't really help me because, for my working hours, that equaled anything from early afternoon to early evening.

    And, I was using it on a Q10, so because I had so many the colors just became a blurred mess. I'm sure on a Z10 or Z30 it was probably easy to see and I'd guess that I'm in the minority regarding the length of days and number of calendars. So, unlike KR2013, I won't be as snarky regarding others' dislike. Although, I would point out that, in general, people don't make an effort to comment on things they don't have issues with and the ratio of those that do to those that complain is probably much higher on the internet, so 16 is quite a number.

    For me personally, the month view in the old calendar was worthless. It sounds like 'time of day' is the biggest thing lost, right? I don't even know what else was. Little lines on the small screen made it impossible for me to use it at all. It's functional for me now.
    Yes, the 10.3.0 calendar is different from 10.2.1 and 10.3.1. Here is a screenshot of mine.
    10.3.1 Calendar is awesome-img_20150315_150000.png

    You'll see that a thin green line shows up on all weekdays with appointments. This line corresponds to the Working Hours in the calendar settings, and this may have been their attempt to put in some type of reference point. I'm not so sure how well it works in practice. I agree that for busy people the idea of a fixed working day is a joke.

    I would still like both options to be offered. Some users may be more productive with a cluttered screen, but others may work better with a clean display. Why not make everyone happy?

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    03-15-15 02:10 PM
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    Fully agree.
    New calendar is awesome.
    Love the scrolling features
    Agenda is perfect for me
    Good job BlackBerry

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    03-15-15 02:22 PM
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