04-16-15 10:40 PM
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  1. CountryboiShawn's Avatar
    Anyone using the Bell network receive the update. I'm on my unlocked z10 and no update

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 12:21 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Bell is oblivious atm lol. They have no clue - https://twitter.com/sami_bear/status/568429701548544000
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    02-19-15 12:22 PM
  3. Caldevert83's Avatar
    Lol silly Bell Canada

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 12:24 PM
  4. CountryboiShawn's Avatar
    Blaze I'm so frustrated. Lol I have a leak of

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 12:24 PM
  5. CountryboiShawn's Avatar
    Pretty said when Telus has it lol

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 12:28 PM
  6. whositwhatnow's Avatar
    Bell never releases right away anyways so i don't get why everyone having a hissy fit. Its a bloody phone
    02-19-15 01:13 PM
  7. ssbtech's Avatar
    With the bugs being reported with 10.3, be happy Bell hasn't forced this yet.
    02-19-15 01:13 PM
  8. George Guirguis's Avatar
    Pretty said when Telus has it lol

    Posted via CB10
    I'm on telus and got nothing yet

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 01:18 PM
  9. conbrio29's Avatar
    Got an official reply from Bell that the update should be pushed out tomorrow!

    Posted via the Z30 on CB10
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    02-19-15 01:46 PM
  10. habs_fan's Avatar
    With the bugs being reported with 10.3, be happy Bell hasn't forced this yet.
    There's bugs with every OS. No such thing as a perfect OS it's tech! Also I find PassportSQW100-1/ to be pretty good!

    For the love of God quit being so negative all the time

    Posted via CB10
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    02-19-15 02:04 PM
  11. atz_atd's Avatar
    I got the update on Bell Z30. Was on leak 1949 prior to updating
    02-19-15 02:15 PM
  12. rennardd's Avatar
    Nothing here. Z30 purchased unlocked from shopBB.

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 02:56 PM
  13. Adventuro's Avatar
    Downloading on an unlocked Z30(Bell)

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 03:10 PM
  14. Atlergambit's Avatar
    Silly Bell users, Rogers already pushed it out this morning for my Q10
    02-19-15 03:15 PM
  15. delboyca's Avatar
    They seem to have figured it out Bell_support is now confirming it will get released Friday 2/20.

    10.3.1 for bell????-img_20150219_161253.png

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 03:15 PM
  16. kez007's Avatar
    Virgin Canada. I have the update
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    02-19-15 04:25 PM
  17. KRol's Avatar
    Virgin Canada. I have the update
    Wow crazy that Virgin has it but not Bell, it's not like they are different in any ways.
    02-19-15 05:04 PM
  18. mdr-73054's Avatar
    Got a screen shot on that Virgin Canada update?
    02-19-15 05:12 PM
  19. MrMolson's Avatar
    I'm with Virgin Canada and no update (Z30 unlocked)
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    02-19-15 07:39 PM
  20. ltlowe's Avatar
    I just updated my Z30 on Virgin Canada. Sorry, no screen shot.

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 07:47 PM
  21. MrMolson's Avatar
    Did you do something or it just asked you to update your phone?
    02-19-15 07:49 PM
  22. mdr-73054's Avatar
    It's possible he has an unlocked device and received the upgrade through BlackBerry directly.
    02-19-15 08:06 PM
  23. DisturbedRocks31's Avatar
    Got it but BBM chat in Hub has major problem.

    When I'm typing, I can't see the message and the emoticon icon.

    That entire bar is underneath the bar with back button. :/

    10.3.1 for bell????-overlay-issue.png

    EDIT: never mind, upgraded to Beta BBM and it's fine now..? :S
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    02-19-15 08:12 PM
  24. CountryboiShawn's Avatar
    Frig still. So no update

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-15 06:26 AM
  25. KRol's Avatar
    I asked them by twitter to see if they know at what time, it's been an hour now no answer.
    Keep patient everyone! :P
    02-20-15 09:55 AM
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