1. br14nh's Avatar
    I've attempted to access the camera from the lock screen, the screen flickers slightly as if responding, but then does nothing - if i persist, the message comes up telling me to swipe upward from the bottom egde to unlock the device.

    I'm out in the field so haven't had a chance to search the forum... not sure whether anyone else has come across this,.......
    03-24-15 12:59 PM
  2. rbtg's Avatar
    it's interesting that when you swipe it's asking for password then you have to cancel to go to lock screen with camera logo
    i like it this way if it's locked it's locked
    do you want someone to take a pic with your phone and you not knowing about it?
    03-24-15 01:28 PM
  3. br14nh's Avatar
    I don't know about password, I don't use one - I can't say how the phone behaves in that situation, but it does seem like a bug - if there is a camera icon on the lockscreen, the intention must be to have the camera accessible from that screen..... if the camera it is not accessible from that icon then there is a problem with the OS....

    Note, I'm not commenting on whether it is a good idea or not to have the camera accessible this way, just the way it functions vs. the way it is meant to function.
    03-24-15 06:24 PM
  4. rbtg's Avatar
    i have a password ,but if it doesn't work without a password that is a issue
    03-24-15 06:54 PM
  5. rbtg's Avatar
    it makes sense and not if you have your phone in your pocket it can take pics by itself
    on the other hand why would you have the icon on lock screen
    03-24-15 06:56 PM
  6. mikedolo's Avatar
    Looks like someone should load the next best leak
    03-24-15 06:57 PM
  7. br14nh's Avatar
    OK, you can ignore me...... I just tested with another Z30 on 10.2.1, found that I wasn't "holding" the icon long enough.... if you long press it, it moves to the centre and a circle runs around the outer perimeter for about 2-3 seconds, then bringing up the camera...... when I tried again with the Z30 on 10.3.1, it does the same thing - I wasn't aware of how this worked.

    My Bad,

    Please can a Mod mark the subject resolved or answered, I will immediately go and have myself flogged as retribution. All I can say in my defence is that I was trying to do this at 3:00 am (Eastern Australia), not a time I am used to being awake at.
    03-24-15 06:57 PM
  8. trinichindian's Avatar
    Not to hijack this thread, but how is the picture quality on 10.3.1.

    I find the pictures I take with the flash on, are always very bright to the front of the object and dark almost shadowy to the back.

    It's object brightness is not consistent all the way around for me. I'm on 2558.

    Zwiped from my Zed/10.3.1
    03-24-15 07:06 PM
  9. rbtg's Avatar
    your right even with a password i held the camera icon and it's turning it on ,i've learned something new ,thanks
    03-24-15 07:08 PM
  10. rbtg's Avatar
    pics quality very good
    the flash in a big room it's normal to be brighter in the front
    for small rooms it does ok job but keep in mind it's cell phone camera it will not replace a high quality one
    03-24-15 07:12 PM
  11. trinichindian's Avatar
    pics quality very good
    the flash in a big room it's normal to be brighter in the front
    for small rooms it does ok job but keep in mind it's cell phone camera it will not replace a high quality one
    OK, but what about objects up close.

    Edit: I think I need to focus before taking the pic. With 10.2.1 touching the screen would focus then snap the shot.

    Now we have to press the button.

    Zwiped from my Zed/10.3.1
    03-24-15 07:15 PM
  12. rbtg's Avatar
    never try it too close , i think that's normal if you don't have enough space to dissipate the light
    camera lens it's got an angle that's capturing the objects, same with single flash
    with multiple lights you can get wider angle and cover behind a close object
    03-24-15 07:18 PM
  13. br14nh's Avatar
    I find the photos pretty good, yes, I need to remember the focus...

    I try to do without the flash wherever possible - last night (this morning?) I took a photo of a group of us in Hi-Vis vests and all you could could see were ghostly stripes, looked like a bunch of aliens had landed........ even in the dead of night with only artificial lighting, the photos turned out pretty good!!

    I also think it was focusing on some pretty close objects, and seemed to focus better than 10.2.1...
    03-24-15 11:12 PM

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