1. DTrace's Avatar
    I am trying to use the "z10stl23os10.3.0.1052", provided by the first page from the other thread, autoloader via parallels. This time seems like it gets stuck at the "Uploading Ram image 100%" part. I have done this in the past with other versions and it has worked fine. Right now just have a blank screen with green light on and still plugged in. Any suggestions?
    08-22-14 11:42 AM
  2. lmsilvam's Avatar
    Maybe non-destructive upgrade with Sachesi and not the autoloader? I'd disconnect it and use the web update tool to reload the official OS and then load the new one with Sachesi.

    I have a different problem, maybe related - autoloader works fine but first boot goes slow after about 90% and gets stuck at 99%... left it overnight and didn't boot. Anyone with the same issue?
    08-22-14 11:44 AM

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