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    I currently an using an unlocked BB Q10 SQN100-3, am using globe but phone is unlocked. And good gracious, I'm very tired of waiting for the 10.2 update here for the Q10. I've been reading some Z10 updates to 10.2. But not Q10. So anyone here has any idea on the specifics of the rollout of the updates pet country? Cause it seems line if you're local carrier does not really prioritize the likes, then we really won't get such major updates


    Wouldn't like to use sachesi or leaks, hopefully the official rollout.

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    11-03-13 08:20 AM
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    Hello! and welcome to CrackBErry!
    I have not heard of the date of the rollout of 10.2
    Very frustrating to have to wait when a lot of other have it. We too here in the US on VZW have not seen it either! Hope it comes soon for you!!
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    11-04-13 07:01 PM

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