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    Just noticed that a tap and hold on items in the HUB (and CB app) will bring up the right-side overflow menu like it did in 10.2.1 where only the icon of the selections show, and while holding you can cycle through the selections and release to select.

    Also if you release in any of the grey area on the right it will open the overflow menu more with the icon and label, and if you release anywhere else, it will close the right-side menu.

    10.2.1 Overflow Menu in 10.3.1-img_20150320_031751.png

    It seems to work also in all other built-in BlackBerry apps like Pictures and Calendar except the browser which is unfortunate since it would've made opening a link in a new tab just a little slicker.

    *sidenote about the browser: The 2 finger swipe up in the browser is useful now that the old kb shortcuts are integrated with the latest official 10.3.1 and when scrolling down a webpage with the spacebar the scale will align with the viewing area (unlike previous unofficial builds).

    Posted via CB10 via the Internets
    03-20-15 05:32 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    yes, i noticed those side menus without the text
    03-20-15 05:35 AM

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