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    I have used the search but not found an answer, so hope that someone may have an answer please

    I have the new OS and am looking to see if it includes changing tones for specific contacts, like the old BB used to but 10 did away with? Specifically, I used to have two contacts whose calls would always ring, even when the phone is on silent/bedside, and I really need this as I have unwell family.

    If anyone has figured this out in the new I would be really grateful if they could explain where/how!

    Many thanks
    11-06-13 11:12 AM
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    Open Contact>Select the Contact you want to have the tone>Edit>Scroll to the bottom where it says "Ring Tone and Notification" You should be able to select custom tones from there>Don't forget to hit save.

    I have tested it before, but not with the device being on silent.
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    11-06-13 11:34 AM
  3. crazylegshinch's Avatar
    Yes. In the contacts app go to the contact, open up their contact card and select "edit". There is a button at the bottom of the edit screen (shown in the screenshot)

    The second part of your question, there is currently the option to allow only phone calls in bedside mode. This allows all phone calls, so it is not contact specific. That option is not yet available on bb10. Given the circumstances you may consider allowing phone calls during bedside mode.

    Hope this helps a little! -  tones for contacts?-img_00000807.png

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    11-06-13 11:35 AM
  4. Lorri Ledger's Avatar
    Thank you - I have it set already to a specific ringtone for the contacts, but in the old BB OS you could override any profile for that contact too but it seems that the new OS10 only has two profiles, ringing or not!

    Thank you so much for replying, I really appreciate it
    11-06-13 11:52 AM

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