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    Hi, I know you guys out there are rejoicing with the latest leak 10.2.1.xxxx right now, but I guess I'm one of those guys who just waits for the official release so humor me out here for a moment.

    Currently I have 2 Q10s on hand. One which is mine, another is my girlfriend's. We'll, I had the latest update on both which is But my girlfriend's phone started acting up, so we opted to reload her software using BlackBerry link. So after I did the reloading, it suddenly downloaded a (yes, I know, this is a few weeks old, still, not available to every device).

    So then I started panicking, grabbed my own Q10, then checked for updates, but unfortunately (expectantly as well), noo updates, and I'm stuck on the So now my gf's got the accidental which was triggered because of the reloading of the software.

    Of course, I wouldn't want to reload mine cause it's too much of a work for one day. But really wanting the update (even if I don't know the difference of the two), just for obsessive-compulsive reasons.

    So can you help me out with these questions:

    1) does this really happen? I mean we both have the same model of Q10, same everything, bought with the same vendor, almost identical BlackBerry PIN (proving that almost everything is identical), same carrier. So why do we have problems like these where others get the updates by glitches? Is there a workaround? Wouldn't like to use Sachesi or any other 3rd party softwares btw if you're gonna ask me

    2) what is the difference between the two ( and ? I mean I've tried googling, I even found a same article here in crackberry with the said title, yet answers were not given, so anyone can finally enlighten me with the difference of the two?

    Thanks guys for the future help

    Posted via CB10
    11-23-13 02:29 PM
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    429 is also official now ... so it is better
    11-23-13 03:23 PM

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