1. megirl316's Avatar
    I have a Q10 that I autoloaded .1443. The phone quality sucks. Not for the listener just me. Is there a radio file I can load (I'm NOT sure it I just asked the right question. I'm a newbie to leaks and such).
    I have done all the right steps in the leak loading process. Wiped also. Just good measure I rinsed and repeated too.

    Posted via CB10
    08-31-13 11:23 AM
  2. Uzi's Avatar
    You can see in wu wei thread it is in sticky leak forum

    Crackberry Abuser
    08-31-13 11:30 AM
  3. megirl316's Avatar
    I'm sorry I need more explanation of what you are talking about. I don't know what a sticky leak is.

    Posted via CB10
    08-31-13 11:32 AM
  4. thurask's Avatar
    Problem is, the Q10 radio that preceded 1444 was 1156, which is too old to function on 1443.

    Posted via CB10
    08-31-13 11:35 AM
  5. Uzi's Avatar
    http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=828354 it sticky thread, if u using cb10 app u scroll down from the top at leak sub forum

    Crackberry Abuser
    08-31-13 11:37 AM
  6. Uzi's Avatar
    Problem is, the Q10 radio that preceded 1444 was 1156, which is too old to function on 1443.

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    Then I suggest OP to downgrade or wait for the next leak I think the next leak is coming soon haha

    Crackberry Abuser
    08-31-13 11:40 AM
  7. megirl316's Avatar
    I looked at the sticky,,,but not quite sure what to make of it.
    If I downgrade my OS, what do you suggest is better than 10.1?
    Could I have a hardware problem? The phone quality worked fine last night with an old 10.1.

    Posted via CB10
    08-31-13 11:46 AM
  8. Uzi's Avatar
    Have you try hard reset first? Hold the vol+/- same time until it reboot,,usually it solve many problem

    Crackberry Abuser
    08-31-13 11:53 AM
  9. megirl316's Avatar
    I do that on a regular basis.

    Posted via CB10
    08-31-13 12:09 PM
  10. Xoma's Avatar
    Have you done the security wipe? It helps deleting old os files and could help you to solve your problem. And, anyway, wait for the next lek to install.
    09-02-13 01:46 PM
  11. pwee111111's Avatar
    I have had the same problem on Verizon Z10. I'm trying 1047 as soon as it boots back up, down from 1373. If OP has the same issue as I, it makes a random screeching sound only on the OP's end.

    Posted via CB10
    09-02-13 05:37 PM
  12. megirl316's Avatar
    I have security wiped on all leaks. I am back down to some crappy 10.1 through blackberry link. Sigh... maybe I will try again one day. my mom is old school and talks an hour or longer and it KILLS me to hear such noises that is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Thank you all any way!

    Posted via CB10
    09-02-13 10:22 PM
  13. andreirad's Avatar
    I have the same problem on my Verizon Q10 since I start downloading the 10.2 leaks. I'm lucky don't talk to much on the phone. Hopefully the official 10.2 OS will come soon and I'm sure the call quality will be back. Verizon will not approve a OS with this kind of quality of voice calls.

    Posted via CB10
    09-02-13 10:30 PM
  14. megirl316's Avatar
    I am sad to report that Verizon sent me a replacement phone (another Q10) and I downloaded 1047, 1443, and 1323 of the 10.2 leaks. Each time I security wipe after. I don't save much to phone so no need for back up. I just set up my phone again. The phone quality sucks sucks sucks sucks!
    Any thoughts or help?
    I know there was a 10.1 update from BlackBerry and Verizon and I reported the qlitches to them.
    I really think I'm ready for BlackBerry Bold again.

    Q10 here but missing touch Bold...sigh
    09-13-13 01:21 PM
  15. pwee111111's Avatar
    I purchased a white Z10 to keep stock and play around with my black Z10. the addiction got to me so I put a leaked 10.2 on my white one , same feedback screeching noising and the black one had. back to 10.1 for now.
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    09-14-13 01:18 PM

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