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    Hi guys!

    I just wanted to let you know about one of my games that I am looking for feedback on.

    If you've ever played "whack a mole", this is, at it's core, the same concept, just fleshed out into more of a game.

    It's my first cascades game (totally made in cascades, no c++ or webworks, or anything like that) - so it should be super smooth. My girlfriend helped me do most of the level graphics and backgrounds, so it would be wrong not to give her credit there! I've made a few apps since, but this is the most complex one that I am working on.

    - There are 12 levels (each has a different environment)
    - Smash as many badgers as you can.
    - You get pickups (for example, score multipliers) as the levels go on
    - You need to unlock each level by getting a minimum score in the level below it.

    I'm working on a version 2 - adding some 'achievements' at the moment, and integrating scoreloop. I would LOVE some feedback - I know it's $1 - but I would really appreciate if anyone could give me feedback.

    Also - from a gameplay perspective, if anyone has any feedback on how instructions are presented, etc... I would appreciate.

    Link: BlackBerry World - Smash the Badger


    Smash the Badger! (my first Cascades app/game)-img_00000086.jpgSmash the Badger! (my first Cascades app/game)-img_00000105.jpgSmash the Badger! (my first Cascades app/game)-img_00000115.jpg

    Let me know what you think!

    I want to make more games, but still learning how everything in Cascades works. I'll be making another thread or two over the next few weeks with some more offerings if anyone is interested!
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    02-18-13 05:20 AM
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    Thanks for developing for the BlackBerry 10! I think if you wanted feedback, you should have made the game free. Sadly, I spend enough money on my Z10 as is, with all of its juicy offerings. The artwork on the game looks quite nice, though your badgers look inanimate... and vaguely familiar, like from the badger song from years ago.

    At any rate, good luck, and keep us informed of the other things you develop!
    02-18-13 07:21 AM

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