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11-10-19 05:23 PM
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  1. XcrazyS's Avatar
    11-09-19 12:55 PM
  2. Vincent Valentine7's Avatar
    How about that?
    I only need working psx emu. Nothing more. Cause for other things i have working Android device. I cant see Any working psx emu on your topic.
    Sadly epsxe from Android cant detect my bluetooth game pad when i install newest epsxe version on blackberry. I try Epsxe cause on my Android device i buy this app from Play Store.
    PPSSPP native emulator for BlackBerry dont have this problem. I can play normally any games with my Bluetooth gamepad.
    Thats why i look for alternative.
    Old Z10 is to weak to handle PPSSPP emulator. I tried, only 2d games work in 30fps.
    I only want to play Final Fantasy games on PSX, nothing more.
    11-09-19 02:01 PM
  3. XcrazyS's Avatar
    @Vincent Valentine7,
    Native Bar Files - Games and emulators.
    Last edited by XcrazyS; 11-10-19 at 01:40 AM.
    11-10-19 01:17 AM
  4. Vincent Valentine7's Avatar
    Still no native psx emu. Retroarch is a crap what not work when i test with my bin/cue psx files.
    Thanks for help but i stick with ppsspp and simple 2d games for now.
    11-10-19 05:23 PM
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