02-22-15 06:28 PM
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  1. Catalystg's Avatar
    I'm happy to announce the release of an N64 emulator for BlackBerry 10, Mupen64+ BB. This is a redone version of the PlayBook port, with a Cascades front-end.

    New Features
    1. Boxart Scraping
    2. Load roms from SD card
    3. Keyboard Support
    4. Multiple touchscreen layouts
    5. Settings remembered for each rom
    6. Multiplayer with touchscreen and keyboards
    7. Cheats

    Experimental Build:
    Released: May 25th 2013
    Download Link: Mupen64+ BB

    Current Version:
    Released: Feb 23rd 2013
    Download Link: Mupen64+ BB

    Known Issues
    1. Returning to Menu can sometimes crash the emulator
    2. Legend of Zelda: OoT needs to use GLES2N64 or you'll get stuck in the start menu.

    Change Log
    1. Initial partial controller support. Single controller only at a time. Analog stick not supported yet. (Wiimote works well)
    2. Fix some boxart related crashes.

    1. Initial Release

    Download the bar from above. Side load it using your favorite tool such as DDPB.

    Loading Games
    *Disclaimer: We will not help obtaining games or any other files. Search elsewhere.

    1. Roms can be located anywhere, by default it starts at misc/n64/rom/ with a toggle to default to the SD card.
    2. The folder structure will be created during first run.
    3. Next, connect your Z10 to your computer or enable wireless sharing.
    4. Open "My Computer" and select the BlackBerry network drive.
    5. Navigate to misc/n64/rom/ (or elsewhere) and copy your legally obtained games here.
    6. For boxart, the rom should have the game name followed by extra info in brackets: eg. Game Name(Other info like disc #, region, etc).n64
    7. Supports .n64, .z64 and .v64 roms.
    8. Use GLES2Rice unless you run into issues.

    Launch Mupen64+ BB, select the ... button, pick your game and enjoy! Perform a swipe down gesture to bring down the menu to return to menu, save and load states.

    1. Ensure you've read, abide by and completely understand the above section.
    2. Games can take up to 30 seconds to load, be patient.
    3. If one game has issues, try a more popular game or another image of the same game.

    Mupen64Plus source: Mupen64Plus
    Mupen64+ BB Source: https://github.com/CatalystG

    If you enjoyed the emulator and wish to donate, you can do so here: Donate

    As usual, I'm not responsible for any damage or bad things that may come of using this.
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    02-23-13 05:41 PM
  2. pttptppt's Avatar
    since the playbook can run cascades (though you'll have to do this manually, there's a thread here and a help page on the blackberry site) can you release a cascades version of it as cascades is faster
    02-23-13 05:57 PM
  3. PhillipStreet's Avatar
    Amazing! Thanks so much!

    Posted via CB10
    02-24-13 04:51 PM
  4. skrewball's Avatar
    Works awesome, thanks!

    Posted via CB10
    02-24-13 10:13 PM
  5. bonghitter's Avatar
    Thanks for this.

    Posted via CB10
    02-24-13 10:16 PM
  6. billsterjito's Avatar
    been waiting for this! Thanks!

    CB10 App, Z10
    02-24-13 10:21 PM
  7. Catalystg's Avatar
    No problem! Let me know if you run into issues or have any annoyances, I can see what I can do.

    Posted via CB10
    02-24-13 10:47 PM
  8. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Very freaking awesome man Thanks

    Posted from my Dev Alpha
    02-24-13 10:54 PM
  9. giddygidgid's Avatar
    Emulator worked like a charm!
    Was able to pair a Wiimote with the Z10 but no gamepad support as of yet.
    02-25-13 12:31 AM
  10. Catalystg's Avatar
    I'll be looking to add it in the next update. There is a button mapping interface for the keyboard, so it should be straightforward to get game pads working also.

    Posted via CB10
    02-25-13 07:22 AM
  11. BriniaSona's Avatar
    tons of lag with zelda, but like you said, theres issues with zelda
    02-25-13 12:26 PM
  12. Catalystg's Avatar
    Zelda runs fine for me, speed wise. Try a few different roms, Europe and USA versions and use gles2n64.

    Posted via CB10
    02-25-13 01:08 PM
  13. silenced's Avatar
    Hard to play any games that require you to hold the Z button while also pressing other buttons, ie Zelda.
    02-25-13 02:44 PM
  14. BerryWizard's Avatar
    wow, amazing, cant wait to get home and download this trough my wifi
    02-25-13 03:43 PM
  15. jsamson77's Avatar
    How do I get it or download it and when I do how do you get games?

    Posted via CB10
    02-25-13 03:57 PM
  16. Catalystg's Avatar
    Regarding the buttons, there are two layouts in the input menu to move the Z button to either side of the screen which helps for some games. There isn't much I can do otherwise. BT keyboards work, and I'll be adding game pads soon.

    Posted via CB10
    02-25-13 04:52 PM
  17. BL3's Avatar
    Great job sir!

    Anybody have trouble trying to run Mario Tennis!?
    02-27-13 11:26 PM
  18. yueytan's Avatar
    Amazing thanks!
    02-28-13 04:19 AM
  19. yueytan's Avatar
    btw what does it mean when you guys say 'use gles2n64'?? zelda is working ok for me but if i can improve it that'd be good! thanks
    03-01-13 12:44 AM
  20. Catalystg's Avatar
    You don't have an issue when you press start and get stuck trying to return to playing? Do you have the LTE Z10?

    Gles2n64 is the other video plug in. You can change to it in the video settings. Gles2rice, the default is usually more compatible but I found rice has a game breaking issue in Zelda OoT on the Qualcomm Z10 (LTE version).

    Posted via CB10
    03-01-13 07:22 AM
  21. Leviathan123's Avatar
    You don't have an issue when you press start and get stuck trying to return to playing? Do you have the LTE Z10?

    Gles2n64 is the other video plug in. You can change to it in the video settings. Gles2rice, the default is usually more compatible but I found rice has a game breaking issue in Zelda OoT on the Qualcomm Z10 (LTE version).

    Posted via CB10
    Good job on the emulator. Been playing around with it and I loaded up OoT Master Quest. Seems to rub perfectly for the most part. I did experience the glitch you listed above, but only the first time I boot up the emulator. After I try closing the start menu it freezes, but if I just load a save state then try again it works fine, just takes a few seconds. If I close the Emu, then it'll freeze the first time again until I load a save state after the freeze. I'm using the Qualcomm z10 btw

    Posted via CB10
    03-01-13 07:17 PM
  22. Catalystg's Avatar
    Interesting. Thanks for the info. This issue doesn't seen to happen on the android version so any info to track down why is great.

    Posted via CB10
    03-01-13 08:23 PM
  23. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Beautiful Catalystg.. donation sent... keep up the great work! It's great appreciated.
    jcraig likes this.
    03-04-13 01:56 AM
  24. Catalystg's Avatar
    Thanks! Glad you like it.

    Posted via CB10
    03-04-13 03:41 PM
  25. 2Supra4U's Avatar
    works great. Nice to see Mario on the z10.
    Was awesome to load up goldeneye, just too bad anything more than a nes snes control layout is too cumbersome on a touchscreen device.
    But joystick support would solve that.

    loved loading up the thq wwf/wcw games all time bests for sure. so much fun lol.
    03-04-13 09:26 PM
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