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    As a new CrackBerry user and eagerly awaiting my first BlackBerry device, a Z10, I am pleased to say "Hi" to the community and to announce my first game to be released in BlackBerry World:

    Floppy Disk - The Demagnetizing Simulator

    Floppy Disk - The Demagnetizing Simulator-featuredblackberrysmall.png

    Meet Ms. Disk, Floppy Disk. She recently joined the #flappyjam and is a double density 3.5" diskette, trying to last as long as possible in life, until she meets her inevitable doom of being wiped by the menacing threat of magnetism. Featuring real Amiga floppy drive sound effects as well as an Amiga MOD tune by Bjrn A. Lynne. Tap, tap, tap...

    Floppy Disk - BlackBerry World

    Unity Web Player version: Floppy Disk @ itch.io

    Age Rating: General

    Price: $0.99

    If you have any questions, suggestions or bugs to report, please feel free to post them here or send me an email towards floppy.disk.bb at mentalfish.com

    Future games from my company, MentalFish, will be launched as "BlackBerry First", before being published on any other platforms some time later (1-3 months exclusivity). I hope you will enjoy Floppy Disk for now

    P.S. Support for square screen/hardware keyboard devices is coming in the next update of the game.
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    03-05-14 02:26 AM
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    Thanks for supporting BB10! Looks neato!
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    03-05-14 06:58 AM
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    I have submitted a new version with support for physical keyboard devices (use space bar to jump) and using game pads as well (press button #4, the bottom one of the right hand circle buttons). Overly simple gameplay I know so I have requested it to become free, most likely within a few days I guess.

    It might seem that version is not out yet, so give it a few more days and it will hopefully be both free and up to date.
    03-10-14 06:06 PM
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    It is now available for free in the BlackBerry World store

    Posted via CB10
    03-12-14 01:32 PM
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    Perhaps the reviews are too generous, but I do appreciate it!

    "Challenging, addictive - and the production quality is top-notch. Looks, sounds, and feels great. Five stars! - zcbeaton"

    "It's definitely a different feel than Flappy Bird due two the horseshoe design of the magnets, but it's such a cute idea I adore so much! The addition of how much memory's been wiped at the bottom makes this game even quirkier. 5 stars. - jane_mcr-63734"

    I do not have a physical keyboard device, but I have been told it works nicely with the space bar as well as the on screen tapping.

    Next up is a more fully fledged gaming experience, looking forward to get started on it some time next month.
    03-21-14 10:49 PM

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