1. slopiijoe's Avatar
    Hey CB community!!!!

    I released a promo for my game earlier this week for 200 free downloads. The response from the community was amazing and out of appreciation I have decided to extend another Promo for game Few Tile.

    300 FREE COPIES!!! That's right 300 more copies. So if you did not have the chance to get if for free, now is your chance. I tried sending this into the editor but the Priv seems to be taking the spotlight lately. Few Tile is actually a game I developed over a year ago and decided to port over to Blackberry. I've been trying to use any revenue earned from this game as a go-fund me for future games, that I anticipate also bringing over to Blackberry. So please buy, but it not USE THE CODE and RATE THE GAME. It really helps out. Thank you community. The Code is below.

    Promo: CBTILE


    Few Tile is a color shift puzzle where you connect 3 or more tiles for points. The more tiles connected consecutively, the higher the multiplier for points. See what high score you can achieve. This game has two modes, Easy and Hard. Easy has 4 types of colors used in the puzzle. Hard has 5 types of colors. Don't have your screen fill with tiles or you will lose.

    First 300 to use code will get the game free. Limit one per user.

    Hope you enjoy. Should run on all BB10 devices running 10.2+.

    Thanks again,
    Joseph G
    10-30-15 11:27 PM
  2. Uzi's Avatar
    Thank you for the promo!
    10-30-15 11:35 PM
  3. rackber's Avatar
    Is it still available?

    Because the link doesn't seem to work.
    11-11-15 05:41 PM
  4. alaviss's Avatar
    Is it still available?

    Because the link doesn't seem to work.
    Yes, it is. Use the search function in BB World

    11-14-15 11:36 PM
  5. BarracudaBob's Avatar
    Any chance you'd port this over to Android? I hate to say it, but I'm getting ready to switch to a Galaxy S8 and your game is probably the thing I'll miss most.
    07-14-17 02:17 PM
  6. slopiijoe's Avatar
    Sir you are in luck. I did port this over to Android (with a bit of a face lift and a new name)

    Its called Color Surge. If you have a Google Play account go ahead and go to the store and get the game at:


    But its free right now (its normally $0.99 USD)

    If you somehow can't get it via PC or other android device and miss the sale then PM me.
    07-14-17 06:42 PM

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