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    Here is a game that is already been published on BB10. It's Bonsai Simulator game where you trim your tree and try to keep it alive.
    Bonsai Simulator-capture.png

    On the 13th post, the author says he published it on 16Nov12:
    Bonsai tree app (please!!!!!!) - Android Forums

    Here is the dudes blog:
    Available on
    Attached Thumbnails Bonsai Simulator-screenshot_01164.png  
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    12-10-12 10:28 PM
  2. jeroen_13's Avatar
    Keeping your Tree alive ? Sounds like a game that has to be played on a daily basis in order to keep your Tree alive
    12-19-12 03:09 PM
  3. wickedbob's Avatar
    Aye, I am trying to instill an addiction, but you can let it go for a while if you have things scheduled right. Unattended, it will grow one month per day you ignore it, but you don't push a button to water and fertilize etc, you just set a schedule. The schedule requires some attention as the tree's needs change based on a fricking zillion variables.

    *That last phrase there was hyperbole as I don't think zillion is a real number.
    12-19-12 10:16 PM
  4. wickedbob's Avatar
    Here's the long awaited tutorial!

    This was filmed running on my dev alpha BB10 device which I love.
    02-02-13 04:33 PM

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