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    Since retroarch for BB10 was removed from buildbot and nobody had any backup of the cores,
    I thought I should build all the available cores from the libretro-super repo.
    And after going through some errors, I was able to build 31 cores out of 52 cores available for QNX.

    My main goal was to successfully build mgba, vbam and gpsp cores.
    I was able to build gpsp but for some reason it doesn't work and I couldn't build mgba and vbam.

    I'm a total newbie, so I don't think with my current skills I can fix gpsp and the other cores that I failed to build.
    But those who have the skills please try to fix them.

    So heres the 31 cores:

    I also found some cores while browsing online. Here they are:

    Here is the list of 52 cores available for QNX:
    2048 bluemsx dosbox snes9x2005 fbneo fceumm fmsx gambatte handy
    stella nestopia nxengine prboom quicknes snes9x2010 tyrquake vba_next
    vecx mgba genesis_plus_gx bsnes_cplusplus98 mame2003 mednafen_gba
    mednafen_lynx mednafen_ngp mednafen_pce_fast mednafen_supergrafx
    mednafen_vb mednafen_wswan mu gw prosystem 81 fuse lutro tgbdual gpsp
    o2em opera virtualjaguar 3dengine snes9x vbam scummvm mednafen_pcfx
    mednafen_psx yabause hatari meteor testgl test

    To run these cores just put them to your retroarch cores folder and
    change the core directory in retroarch settings to "/accounts/1000/shared/misc/retroarch".
    You can also check out this guide:

    Heres my logs of mgba and vbam:
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    03-09-21 11:47 AM
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    This is incredible. Thanks. Can't wait to give it a try.

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    04-02-21 04:07 AM
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    Would you know the ROM set that works with MAME 2003? That's the only core that is just crashing. Overall everything worked great, glad to have the ability to play SuperGrafx games, thanks a lot.

    Posted via CB10
    04-03-21 01:51 PM

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