04-10-15 01:01 PM
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    correct me if I am wrong:
    (1) multiple screen size might be a problem: depend upon how the app, or software were structured: if it is based on the pixel counts to display, unless you have low res large screen, you really can't adjust your screen size and keep it same dpi. if you use some smarts to adjust what ever the screen size you wish, there would be a delay and additional process power - nothing for free. Unless it is by design take care of multiple screen size in mind start from both hardware and software point of view, just do it based on existing format, most likely not very feasible. (that is what platform come into play).
    I'm thinking the same physical resolution, just two screen sizes: that means there would also have to be some type of text enlargement, but that already exists: I hold my Z30 and my (sold it today in anticipation for the Slider!) Passport side by side: the text is the same physical size to the eye, but sharper on the Passport because it's much higher PPI than the Z30. So, the same physical screen resolution negates the need for other kinds of jiggery pokery, but that jiggery pokery is already built-in to BB10.

    (4) new handsets do need testing (telecom requirements), however, if done it properly, stick to the similarity can shorten the test - it will take a lot on the design side to make sure the core stuff not changed... not follow what ever the trend or wind blow northe or south.... Never know, they might already have something cooking. Hopefully, something wonderful, I mean, something bring the smiles on my face. (use to smile when I listen to 9860 full symphonic music that blow the 1st gen iphone out of the water... amazing audio... something intuitive and simple).
    I think the same circuitry as in other approved devices will speed the approval process significantly. In fact, don't most devices, for the sake of competitive secrecy etc., only hit the FCC mere weeks before the official release? I don't think there's a huge issue here w.r.t getting the devices approved for use by various government bodies, but still, that's never been the issue that slows the release of products: it's the agonizing months of beta testing that seems to do it... there would have to be a way to shorten that cycle where the components have already passed field tests in numerous other in-market devices.
    04-05-15 12:25 PM
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    If he listens to you there will be tons of posts here about how blackberry priced the phones to fail.
    04-05-15 01:58 PM
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    FCC testing do need time (not mention the carrier testing-more time. however, if you have well thought off design, it should be able to minimize it) - to my understanding:
    FCC Testing & Certification for Part 15, 18 & 68

    The FCC Road Part 15 from Concept to Approval | DigiKey
    04-10-15 01:01 PM
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