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    I have just put a preview of my first cascades app into app world, just looking for input.
    I just made a tip calculator to get to know cascades, as on right now the app just calculates the total from the bill amount at the enter and the percentage you want for a tip.
    I will be adding a rounding feature so that you can round up or down i will probably do it that you can round to the nearest dollar, five dollars and maybe 10 dollars. Also I was going to add a split feature so the bill can be split evenly for the amount of people you input. I am going to have that when you split the bill you can send a BBM or text message to the ones that are splitting the bill so they know how much they have to put in.
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    11-14-12 12:14 PM
  2. mrmartis's Avatar
    i downloaded it and played around with it and im not gonna lie but it look pretty friggen awesome .Some UI problems: when i go to scroll the tip bar sometimes i look for percentages like 18, which is how much i normally tip. but its takes a second to be precise and i end up clicking the 7 8 and 9 numbers. Maybe if you moved the scroll bar a litte higher it would get rid of that problem. Also, my buddies and I just went to pizza pizza and ordered a large pizza, we had to split it and no one had cash. So I thought of a cool idea you could do. If you connected your app to paypal, (and assuming you implement your idea of splitting the bill by number of people), you can send it off their share to them and once they hit accept it would transfer the amount from their account to mine and i pay for the bill. Its a little bit more complex and you would need to learn paypal's api, but its something cool to take a look at in the future.
    11-15-12 01:09 AM
  3. big bb's Avatar
    Thank you for the feedback, i was wondering if the slider would be a problem, that is why I was looking for feedback because I have used to a lot that I would not notice somethings and also people use things differently. I have thought of added a money transfer I was just not to sure if people use paypal like that, just because I don't personally use paypal very often.
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    11-15-12 09:25 AM
  4. CrownIsle's Avatar
    Cool, I am def going to take a look and see how this feels in contrast to Tip Calculator. Thanks for letting me know!
    01-23-13 12:24 AM
  5. big bb's Avatar
    For version 2.0 I completely re-did the UI. I took some hints from the phone app UI.
    I also made it more gesture based.
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    06-15-13 02:55 PM

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