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    Did you know, that if you sign into Linkedin through the BB10 (in Oct 2018) browser with a correct userid and password, that you are signed in? Even though you only see the Linkedin logo on the white screen, and Linkedin is officially not available for bb10, you ARE signed in.

    I don't know the tracking ramifications vis-a-vis Linkedin and cookies, but as you are aware, there is no way to Logout from the no options page that is served. Your "session" is restored even if you close the browser and re-open it (even if you tell your browser not to save your login info when you first sign in.). It is restored even if you reboot your bb10 phone and revisit the site. I don't know how long the session is retained on Linkedin's side, or whether it just gets restored when you visit the website (through the cookie).

    The only way it appears to not have Linkedin recognize your id, is to flush your cookies from the web browser [...][Settings][Privacy and Security][Clear Cookies and Other Data], otherwise it appears the session stays active(?) for some time at least. Only once you clear your cookies does it seem to log you out.

    Try it yourself....sign in.
    Then open a new browser window and go to www.linkedin.com/help.
    Then select from the Linkedin 3-bar drop down menu at the top right, to change one of your settings presented. Ironically: [Manage Privacy and Settings]
    You will see your logged in profile settings there.
    Close browser. Re-open...return to the page. Your profile is still there.
    Reboot your BB10 and repeat....still there.
    Clear your cookies....now session is gone.

    So this shows several things of course.
    1) The Linkedin could still work on BB10 in 2018, but is blocked, probably because of some novel non-html5.0 compliant browser scripting in Linkedin's hosted S/W that isnt supported in BB10's HTML5.0 compliant Browser (updated Gecko or as such).
    Anyone know what specific software they are using, that isn't html5.0 compliant?
    2) Bad way to block access to LinkedIn was used by Linkedin.
    3) If you sign-in to some system that hangs or puts up a wall, assume you are probably still signed in, and figure out if possible how to sign-out (not so easy).

    Who cares you say? Well what the hay.
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    Something similar with linkedin is with stock browser. Currently it's not working in browser at all, but maybe month ago just for one day it WAS working normally.
    Like, "if OS=bb10 than entrance=0"

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    10-28-18 04:21 AM
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    I think the LinkedIn website works on BB10 if you used the BEOL Android browser. It is very slow though.

    I wonder if by logging in just using the accounts part of BB10 the contacts part of LinkedIn still works? Interesting.

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    10-28-18 12:18 PM
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    So, just out of interest I downloaded the old native LinkedIn to see if it would log in. It wouldn't at all.

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    11-04-18 06:27 AM

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