1. anon6059933's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    this is my first post here, although I have been reading CB on a daily basis since I got my Z10 (as my first BB phone) a few months ago.

    I'm very happy with BB10 overall, but there is one important app missing, since I don't want to use Dropbox, Box and the like for safety reasons: a native Wuala client. For that reason I started a new thread in the Wuala forums, which can be found here: https://support.wuala.com/forums/top...blackberry-10/

    Already had the Android app installed on my Z10, but in a nutshell: it does not work. For that reason and those mentioned in the thread I'm hoping for your support. Please post a short request yourself, even if you should not use Wuala yourself (yet).

    If you've never heard of or used Wuala, feel free to have a look: www.wuala.com
    And if anyone can share a little light on how difficult it would be to develop such an app ... please do just that. But of course anyone's two cents are welcome.

    Thanks a lot.
    12-21-13 12:04 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry. Just so you know, Dropbox uses encryption too
    But good luck with getting Wuala to make a BB10 app, it's always great to see more popular native apps in BB World.
    12-21-13 08:47 PM
  3. anon6059933's Avatar
    There are some differences between Wuala and e.g. Dropbox though:

    1) Wuala encrypts the data even before it is transfered, so even they can't access your data. Someone can get access to Dropbox files via the web - as has happened some time ago when user passwords were usless and data open to everyone. Even if Wuala servers would become target of an attack, there is nothing there to read (without immense effort). Wuala has no web interface to access the data via a browser.

    2) This is of course more important for users in Europe: Wuala servers are located in Switzerland, France and Germany only. Naturally opinions can differ on this one, but let's just say if I can have servers in the same legal sphere I live in, that's a plus for me.

    3) You lose your password, your account is gone.There is no backdoor for restoring or resetting passwords whatsoever. But you can open a new account and get your purchased storage space transferred - not the data though for obvious reasons.

    --> www.wuala.com/en/learn/technology
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    12-22-13 03:59 AM
  4. cfoggy999's Avatar
    Dear anon6059933,

    I fully agree with you.
    For us European the security and privacy issues relating to NSA control over US servers are important!
    Wuala is European and is using an encryption/decryption on-the-fly technology (i.e. secure)
    Last, Wuala works perfectly on Linux! (I personally use it on Debian Squeeze with Gnome 2.30)
    I believe BB users (especially the business ones) are very used to have the top level on security, privacy and reliability.
    That's why in my opinion Wuala is better than others (Dropbox, Box, etc.) and more suitable for Companies and consumers as well.

    Hope Wuala will do it for BB
    (--- AND HOPE BB WILL SURVIVE!!! ---)
    06-21-14 10:10 AM

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