04-02-14 05:43 PM
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  1. GoGibbons's Avatar
    Thanks all for your feedback and great ideas.

    RECOOL: I really want to get this application of Built for BlackBerry status. I've applied and have been waiting for a while. Maybe you can tweet @asaunders.

    Thanks again!
    05-03-13 05:55 PM
  2. GoGibbons's Avatar
    Thanks Everyone!

    I just got word that my Audiobooks app (Audiobooks for BlackBerry 10) received Built For BlackBerry certification today and wanted to thank you for all your reviews and encouragement. I'll try and put a new release next month with more features and free audiobooks.


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    05-30-13 03:24 PM
  3. Craig4444's Avatar
    To be able to drag in books from Audible (who has abandon the BB platform) would be great. This would require some type of DRM management or conversion. It would allow a very wide range of content, and make your app more appreciated by those that use Audible. I am not a fan of Audible right now, but they have the lion share of content.
    07-01-13 04:58 PM
  4. FredLaBosch's Avatar
    Hey there,
    I've been looking for a native Audiobook app nearly everywhere.
    Your app looks great.
    However my field of use would be a little bit different:
    I want to listen to my audiobooks which have the iTunes audiobook format (.m4b). The native Music Player plays them however the progress is not saved.
    It would be amazing if you would add local .mp3/.m4b-file support.
    If you have further questions, contact me!

    07-02-13 05:32 AM
  5. mikepcw's Avatar
    Hi James,

    I unfortunately had to resort to downloading *another* audiobook app from BBWorld.. it does not work as well.. but it does support offline MP3 audiobooks.
    Is support for offline audiobook collections (and hopefully SD card support) still in the pipeline?
    I will switch to this as soon as I can!

    08-21-13 06:15 AM
  6. GoGibbons's Avatar
    Mini update: thanks so much to you all for your feedback!! I will get an update out by late September. I wish it was sooner, but I have been really busy building a sports app for BB10 that needs to get launched.

    @Craig4444: Your idea is great, but an app that decrypted Audible DRM would probably face a lot of issues despite awesome convenience.

    @FredLaBosch: I'll add mp3 support and hopefully m4b files in September.

    @Mikepcw: Hi Mike, sorry you had to switch, but those features will be out in the next release and I hope to have you back.

    Thanks again,

    08-21-13 08:30 AM
  7. dale-c's Avatar
    Will this ever have the option to add third party audiobooks? I download audio books from christianaudio.com which do not have DRM. They are in mp3 or m4b format. Right now I see no good app for those.

    Posted via CB10
    08-25-13 01:52 PM
  8. mlepage's Avatar
    Nice work. Have you considered open sourcing the app?

    Posted via CB10
    08-28-13 01:08 AM
  9. GoGibbons's Avatar
    Hi Dale-C: There will be support for third party audiobooks in late September.

    mlepage: Thanks! I would love to open source the app and make it free if BlackBerry would give me a little something for it.


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    08-28-13 02:10 AM
  10. Darryl Ferguson's Avatar
    Awesome app !! Thanks.

    One question, where are the files located in device storage ?? ( So that I can play the file with a player that will allow me to significantly increase playback speed ?? )

    Or, can you incorporate that functionality into the integrated player, to make the need to find and move it unnecessary ??.

    Thanks again.

    09-04-13 01:59 AM
  11. Peter Andriychuck's Avatar
    I'm sorry for many questions, but i still can't find a best way to listen downloaded books on my BB z10.

    Is it possible now to play the audiobooks directly from folder on SD card? What formats are supports?
    Is there a function "15 sec back"? Hard keys play/next works?
    04-02-14 05:43 PM
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