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    Hi all. Is there an app that can provide an alert when a specific (or any) Wifi SSID gets connected or disconnected/disabled? I have a weird issue in my office where my Wifi gets disabled due to limited access and I won't realize it for hours while the phone is happily eating up data.

    Another use case is when going to a public free Wifi spot and an alert can quickly tell me whether I'm connected.

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    01-08-14 11:58 AM
  2. 00stryder's Avatar
    In terms of the public wifi networks, there is an option to have it prompt you if you would like to connect to a saved wifi hotspot nearby. I think it depends on how the wifi network is set up though (i.e. must function as a "hotspot," haven't seen the same prompt with "open" wifi networks).

    The phone will give you an alert notification in the Hub when you have limited access, but I don't think it does anything if the connection is lost altogether.

    If you're connected to a trusted network (like at work), you can check the last option in the screenshot below that should give you better stability with your wifi connections.

    Wifi status alert app?-img_20140108_120354.png

    Overall though, I'm less than pleased with the wifi radio in the Z10 (and the PlayBook before it, for that matter). I think the Paratec antenna they use in the Z30 (and I'm assuming all BB10 devices moving forward) is suppose to improve the way the device handles cellular radio connections, but I'm not sure if it also affects wifi performance as well.

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    01-08-14 12:06 PM
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    BeBuzz Pro 10 has a radio/Internet coverage indicator, but it is LED only.
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    01-08-14 05:45 PM
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    You can check SIM-INFO it will help you with WiFi Status check... http://appworld.blackberry.com/webst...ntent/40728897

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    01-16-14 05:34 AM
  5. imraimy's Avatar
    Some good info there, but it's not what I want. I'd like more of a real-time alert. And native, preferably.

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    01-16-14 05:33 PM
  6. f1mx's Avatar
    Try profile changer pro or hub ++
    These have alerts when connected or disconnected from Wi-Fi and / or cell data

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    01-16-14 05:37 PM
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    Try profile changer pro or hub ++
    These have alerts when connected or disconnected from Wi-Fi and / or cell data

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    Currently on Profile Changer allows you to change profiles base on wifi connect and disconnect.

    In the next release we will have notification when you connect to a wifi hotspot or network.
    01-17-14 10:21 AM
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    Thanks for clarifying

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    01-17-14 11:07 AM

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