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    Just read an article about a new android privacy app that lets you get around app permission requirements by feeding the program fake data.

    Out in the Open: How to Protect Your Secrets From Nosey Android Apps | Enterprise | WIRED

    Why is this not something on BlackBerrys? If BlackBerry claims to care about privacy, then they need to start offering more customization tools like this. It wouldn't even have to be complicated either. It could be as simple as an extra radio button in the app specific permissions that says "Provide fake contacts" etc.
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    03-31-14 07:52 PM
  2. Raestloz's Avatar
    While I agree that providing fake data is useful (contacts in this case) this also highlights that:
    1) an exceedingly large number of android apps require you to sell your personal data
    2) that mentality has grown attached to the community that they need to feed fake data

    I, too would like to bw able to feed fake data to apps like WhatsApp and the likes. I like to choose who gets to know that I have those
    03-31-14 08:29 PM

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