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    Since updating to Twitter for Blackberry 10.3 (currently on .1.219), I have been getting a problem where there is a gap where tweets are not loading. It has something to do with when I last refreshed or looked at the top of my feed or switched between accounts or something like that, but the result is that I'll have a string of tweets from, say, an hour ago, then the next tweet (and those thereafter) are many hours older. There's no "load more tweets" button between these tweets. If I log into Twitter in the browser I can see that there are many tweets between them, and I think even if I look at specific users' feeds I can see tweets that are missing. Restarting the app, logging out of the account, and even a battery pull or reinstalling the app, none of these things work (I think maybe reinstalling the app and a battery pull solved it once, but only for that one instance; I had the problem again within a couple of hours).

    Another problem that really annoys me with 10.3 is that every now and then when I'm deep down into reading my main feed, I'll respond to someone's tweet (or I'll quote-tweet them, or reply and retweet to the same tweet), and it jumps me back up a whole lot. It then has to reload my entire feed, and the 'bottom' of where I am (once the tweets finally load) is still hours away from where I was reading in my timeline. Keeping the proper place in the timeline was a huge issue with 10.0 and 10.1 of the Twitter for BB10 app, but it was handily fixed in 10.2. It's very frustrating that this problem (or a version of it) is back with 10.3.

    So how can I get 10.2 back on my Blackberry, at least until these issues are fixed (again)?

    - RG>
    06-25-14 12:13 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Switch to Blaq and you won't have those issues. Unless someone has the apk that you can sideload, you are out of luck with the version you have.
    06-25-14 06:02 AM

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