1. Neil in West Jersey's Avatar
    It seems that the limited positive media surrounding BB10 is centered on the superior security of Blackberry vs. the other platforms. Why is it then, that there are such a limited number of business apps available for BB10?

    For example, there are virtually no credit card readers. PayAnyWhere and SquareUp are not supported, neither are other popular business apps such as QuickBooks Mobile or MailChimp.

    It seems to me that if the company is going to survive, it's got to re-build corporate partnerships...and as quickly as possible. What gives?
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    12-02-13 12:04 PM
  2. vrud's Avatar
    Maybe because this is a young platform?
    Other apps are not available either - Instagram, Netflix.
    Just give it a time.
    If you're in the rush - ask the developer to port the app to BB10 - there's a chance they'll put the APK into BAR and upload to BBW.
    12-02-13 12:15 PM

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