1. srzjumper's Avatar
    I've been using WhatsApp for a while now, but just recently realized the links sent are not active! you can't even copy and paste, or maybe you can but that's a pain. Friend has Android and links show... is this normal for you too or do I have some old version or bad setup. Thanks.
    06-11-14 03:47 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    I can see links in WhatsApp chats. They are blue and they work. Phone numbers come up blue and work to launch a call in Phone app too.

    Copying is a little weird. Never noticed how they have it now. You can only select whole comments/posts, but you can "multi-select" more than one which is nice.

    What is your current OS version on your Z10?

    First thing to try is a device reset. (NOT the same as a Restart.)
    Hold down the top button until the red LED flashes on then off, then release button.
    Anything better after that reboot?
    06-11-14 06:14 PM
  3. srzjumper's Avatar
    Okay.. It's showing up now. I see that it needs to have the 'www' to recognize it as such. He was sending me addresses without that prefix and they weren't showing up...
    06-11-14 07:46 PM

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