View Poll Results: Do you mind Whatsapp Web Accessing more than your chat log

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  1. The_Big's Avatar
    So Im chilling at the office with my whatsapp web connected.
    I've been using it for a week and i like that feature for communicating (still waiting on 10.3 for Z10 to get blend)
    When i get an notice on my chrome browser where my whatsapp is connected.

    " Phone Battery Low, Charge your phone to keep using whatsapp Webb"
    Whatsapp Web and Battery Status-wappweb.jpg

    I was like thanks for the heads up but i dont remember allowing that app to check my battery status.
    Makes me wonder what else does Whatsapp is accessing on my phone without me knowing.
    I know about the companies spying on cellphones, but is it that easy that they are not even hiding it anymore??
    02-04-15 08:42 AM

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