1. Beakman's Avatar
    For some reason 7digital is all bunged up on my PPSE. It worked OK but a little kludgy on my Z10 and original PP but when I moved to the PPSE odd things happened: 7d cant recognize my online 7d locker, won't populate ny online purchases, will let me buy music but won't forward purchases to the download queue. The apps from BlackBerry app world and the one from Amazon App Store both misbehave the same; the 7d apps loaded on my Priv and FiiO X7 music player work as required.
    Can someone help or discuss?
    Thank you.
    11-26-17 11:41 AM
  2. ron-in-cb's Avatar
    I have been experiencing the same problem lately. The problem started sometime in early November I think. I resorted to downloading the files on a PC and copying the files over manually to my Passport, but I would far prefer to just be able to sync my digital locker the way it is supposed to work.

    My guess is 7digital changed an API on their back end and broke something that the BB10 implementation is relying on or assuming. They probably need to push out a BB10 App update to fix the problem (or they need to change whatever they have done on the back end that is breaking BlackBerry 10 connections). Either way, we may be in for a long wait.

    Posted via CB10
    11-30-17 05:09 PM

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