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    I was just curious what is the difference between the two? If you have a ported android app is it like you lose the peek into he hub functionality? Will you be missing options? What is the actual difference? Besides the ported app was originally made for android
    02-07-13 09:21 PM
  2. Vijik's Avatar
    When you run a ported Android app, peek works exactly as when you peek from a Native BB app.

    When you swipe finger down from the top bezel on a Native BB app, the app shows it's menu (if it has any) on top of the screen (where you swipe). A ported Android app will show it's menu at the bottom of the screen (feels a bit odd, but it is easy to get used to).

    BB doesn't have (and doesn't need) the back key found on the Android phones. Android apps depend on that back key. BB10 emulates a back key for Android Player when you swipe from the center of the bottom of the display up and right, or up and left.

    The UI element used in ported Android app don't look like the UI seen on Native BB apps (Cascades).
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    02-07-13 11:23 PM
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    would you rather have a girl with real hair or a weave?
    02-08-13 01:24 AM

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