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    Please list your top AppWorld downloadwd apps you have on your Z30. Describe the app, and what you like about it. Do as many as you want and feel free to come back and add more later.

    1. CB10 - nuff said. Should be called CBCrack. Recent bugfix just made it even more Cracky.

    2. Fast tube - killer youtube player. It's free for viewing. I bought it so I could log in and access my subscriptions and tgats qhat I like moat about it. Well worth the price of a coffee they don't even stir for you and then you get surprise diabetes ending.

    3. Neutron Music Player - a highly tweakable music player. Sound quality and control is amazing.

    4. Writer - a very simple but beautifully designed writing app. Has several color themes to choose from, but I stick with white on black. Something "Remember" currently lacks. I do a fair bit of writing on my phone so this is perfect. You can also create folders to organize your notes. A word of warning: it's html based, so if you copy text from it and paste it into a plaintext app, yer gonna have tag-hell all over the place. Other than that its perfect for lyrics, recipes a journal or whatever else you think applies.

    5. Biplanes Blasta - This one really took me by surprise. The tilt controls are awesome, albeit a little hard at first. The environments are very immersive. The game has 3 modes: 1. Ballons- fly around and shoot cute little balloons with a really powerful sounding machine gun. 2. Racing- racing against a clock, meh. 3. Dogfight. Still havent tried this yet but I think Balloons is good enuff. The upgrade system allows you to puchase with earned currency. There are a lot to choose from. The only thing this game lacks is levels. There are currently only 3 to choose from. But the upgrade system and leaderboard keep this very replayable.

    6. DoodleJump - Dooooooood, thanks for porting this. Most addictive/replayable mobile game I have played.

    7. MorphWiz - An insane mobile music toy. I can't do it justice with my vocab. If you like music and feel like getting creative, this is a trip. Check it out on youtube.

    I want to give honorable mention to Mini-dash. It is a very well-made game that I just suck at. I will come back to it later. For now I can say it is the mobile answer to meatboy.

    Can't wait to hear yours!

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    12-13-13 08:01 PM
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    Here are some of our Editor's picks....

    CrackBerry's Best of BB10 | CrackBerry.com
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    12-16-13 02:34 PM
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    I'm the developer of some of those apps, but since we are asked for the the personal opinion I guess it is fine:

    1. ClipMan - I would say the most useful app and helps in may moments with your device to handle text you want to write, to edit or to store for a short time a url, to get a text back you have written a hour ago... Useful to add a line break to a BBM message, handle email templates, finish writing a SMS without the risk to sent it out accidentally, don't care to select exactly the text you wan't to copy. If it is too hard just select everything and edit it later in ClipMan. Just check the reviews at BlackBerry World or the Editor's picks page pkcable has mentioned.
    2. BaSA - Battery and System Analyzer, helps not only to check your battery, it shows also your CPU load in combination with RAM and network traffic, it is able to check with 10 seconds resolution how much traffic you have used Cellular and Wifi, it shows a graph about your favourite value at the task switcher, the front led flashes green when the battery is fully charged...
    3. Playback Plus - "simple video player" with the advantage, the video doesn't stop while checking your mails, answering fast a SMS or surfing the web. You're still able to listen to what you're watching. For me as someone which always wanted to talk face to face to the guy which had the idea to stop my videos automatically at a multitasking machine a big easement to have this app now, worth every cent while listening to a lecture
    4. CB10 - useful to stay informed about BlackBerry, to check the crackberry forum, not much to say about it
    5. Fast Tube - the only thing I miss is the possibility to store a video to a folder directly to my device
    6. Parrot - Audio Recorder. Simple, fast, good to handle. I upgraded in the meantime to the pro version despite the fact I don't need the additional features. But I just wanted to support the developer for the effort it needs to release a good BB10 app
    7. WhereIs...? - a cool idea to finally use the by the foursquare game collected data in a useful way, a great P.O.I. extention to the built in mapping application. Works even with Railroad Germany and BeMapsPro
    8. BeMapsPro - google maps including streetview, not much to say except that it is maybe the most complete app of his kind, I have still one situation I haven't finally understood how to exit a search result using their gestured, but I anyway just need it from time to time (at example to check out a location I found using "WhereIs...?" at streetview)
    9. Railroad Germany - extremely useful if you use public transportation within germany, handles your connection in a list of favourites and has several mapping related features to help you to find the next train station, to orient where you will soon arrive, to get home as fast as possible... since it supports the trans-regional raiload network across the most european countries it is also useful while traveling across europe by train
    10. ReadItNow! - extremely useful in case you don't have always the time to read a article you just tripped over. I just share the link to "ReadItNow!" at my Z10 and read it later at home at my Playbook at the big screen, perfect!
    11. Fieldrunners2 - this game is dangerous, it will make every tower defence fan immediately addicted. Be warned!
    12. RetroArch - not at BlackBerry World, you have to get it here somewere at CrackBerry but the most used app in combination with my Moga pro controler. I love to play all the games again I had (and still have at home) in my childhood at my SNES
    13. DreamRemote - only in case you have one of those linux satelite receivers from dream-multimedia, but then you will hopefully love this application. I laid a TV cable from my living room to my bedroom to finish watching my recorded movies from bed and I control my receiver in the living room using this app via wifi. It has support to a infinite number of receivers, just in case you have the money to have 6 of those at home. Because of this app I even began developing mobile apps. It was the beginning, first at Nokia and currently I develop exclusively for BB10.
    14. SeriesFinale - I wanted to create such a app myself but this developer was faster and it is already so good that I stopped immediately to continue developing myself. I just use this app to mark which Futurama and Big Bang Theorie episodes I have already watched
    15. Torch Flash - a simple flashlight app, also developed by myself but even if not my favourite out of all those flashlight apps

    So, that was my personal favourite list.
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    12-17-13 01:27 AM
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    Thanks for sharing. BaSA is fantastic. I hope they continue this project long-term. It would be a staple of the BB10 experience.

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    12-17-13 07:35 AM
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    An earlier post said Writer. Its a great program except it (I assume because of the html) will shortcut link your email and web addresses. It completely breaks your flow if you need to record that info. Glam app dev has pretty much disappeared on both his apps. It was a deal breaker for me.

    Blaq has turned out to be my #1 app on my rig. Never ever thought so, as I really was never a twitt fan. Its just layed out so nice and works butter smooth.
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    12-17-13 07:52 AM
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    @QtHelex: I did not realize BaSA was yours. I bought it on Saturday. It reminded me of Conky when I saw it on AppWorld, that alone sold me. XD. It works well. I have been using it to baseline my apps/games to decide which ones aren't worth the load they put on my system. I appreciate that you are updating it. Good job.

    Z30 FTW - Posted via CB10
    12-17-13 08:47 PM
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    I like any app made by SCrApps (me lol).

    Also, gnewsreader.
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    12-17-13 10:10 PM
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    1. CB10, honest this is something on the level that BlackBerry should have done themselves.

    2. Bloomberg, I need my financial news as I'm still learning. Oddly enough from BBOS to BB10 this app still rocks better than Androids version (I have an HTC One)!

    3. RocketMan, need to know the proper timing of the next TTC bus and again this app rocks better than the Android version, a trend?!

    4. File Manager - I k ow this one is built in, but Dropbox, Box.net (& 10GB free offer), and with Work Drives this is by far the best File Manager app I've used in any smartphone OS in terms of layout or ui and effectiveness and polish. I'm talking about better than Palm OS, Android, S60 (including Lonely Cat Games'), UIQ (came very close by Sony Ericsson on P990), Windows Smartphone edition (old school)!!

    5. Animoog, love this compositional software - although with ios' osx heritage much better apps are for that platform. This is amongst the best you can buy for BB10.

    6. Blaq! The best twitter app this side or any side of iOS' Tweetbot!!

    7. Learn SpanishLite Pass phrases - it's the only real option I'm liking I terms of learning Spanish from a novel perspective.

    8. Nobex podcasts - best option for Bb10 in my book thus far, still a tad bit lacking but getting there.

    9. (R-Type game that was free from I it is launch. I forget the name, it's not the official one, but it's no longer in my app world catalog ) I love this game hours of continuous fun and frustration and fun!!

    10. TDBank - yes it's more a secure html5 portal it's still better than using the browser for mobile banking because their site is NOT optimize for a mobile device, like most banks and this is just so sad!!

    Posted via CB10
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    12-18-13 02:51 AM
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    My top applications are as follows:
    miRoamer free
    VLC Remote Control
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    12-18-13 03:09 AM
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    My top applications are as follows:
    miRoamer free
    VLC Remote Control
    Can you tell me all about how you're using ShortcutMe? I used this on my Bold, but got the impression from their BBW description that it isn't quite there yet for BB10. I would like to see if you can help me justify buying this again.

    Z30 FTW - Posted via CB10
    12-18-13 09:41 PM

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