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    App Name:
    Wappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App

    Wappy is a free native application for BlackBerry10 devices and for wallpaper lovers! It helps you set pictures as wallpaper previewing how it will look like when your BlackBerry 10 is locked, on the home screen or some applications running in the background as active frames.

    All of this with an enhanced experience:
    ★ Wallpaper Simulator: pictures or images selected are fully optimized to be used as wallpaper.
    ★ Multiple Overlays: they help you fit your images on the different status of your BlackBerry 10. Locked, Active and Home screens will never be the same again thanks to Wappy.
    ★ Multiple Frames Editing: Zoom in-out, scale and rotate are just natural and fun. With Wappy it's possible to modify and edit an image for its optimal use as a wallpaper.
    ★ Incorporated Camera: Don't miss a moment! Take the perfect picture, edit it and set is as wallpaper - all with Wappy!
    ★ Fast, Peculiar, Easy to use: Wappy is an intuitive, instantaneous and unique wallpaper app.
    ★ Totally Free & Open source: we work for an idea and to support new great ideas. If you are a developer and would like to use parts of our code, just grab it from GitHub. https://github.com/williamrjribeiro/...per-ruler-bb10

    More to come, stay tuned! If you like taking pictures, choosing the perfect image and editing it to make it the perfect wallpaper, this application is for you! Share Wappy with friends using BBM, Facebook and Twitter.
    Wappy is compatible with BlackBerry 10 OS 10.1 or higher.

    For feedback, ideas, compliments and/ or questions, please email us at: wappy@williamjribeiro.com - We are always Wappy to know from you. ;-)

    Are you satisfied with Wappy? Than give us a five star rating in AppWorld! We appreciate it.

    Link to BlackBerry World Listing:
    BlackBerry World - Wappy

    Price: FREE

    Wappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss01.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss02.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss03.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss04.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss05.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss06.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss07.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss08.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss09.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss10.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss11.jpgWappy - Your Happy Wallpaper App [Free, Native & Open Source]-ss12.jpg
    09-16-13 07:00 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Pretty cool. Does it come with any wallpaper? I'm a junkie, LOL
    09-16-13 07:39 AM
  3. billbsb's Avatar
    Hi hamsterwheel,

    Unfortunately not. Wappy has a different purpose. It can be useful for some consumers, hopefully you are one of them.

    09-16-13 08:56 AM
  4. billbsb's Avatar
    Hooray! Wappy 1.1 is available on BlackBerry world and this is specially cool for you Z30 owners!
    Here's the change list:
    • Added more languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Arabic
    • Support for Z30
    • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

    I hope you guys enjoy it! And if you are a BB10 developer, don't be shy to fork us on Github and do you own amazing apps!
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    01-20-14 10:37 AM
  5. bobo616's Avatar
    Does this allow a separate lockscreen and homescreen wallpaper? If so will this app being going headless? Thanks
    01-21-14 12:33 AM
  6. billbsb's Avatar
    Hello bobo616,

    No, the application does not support two separate wallpapers and it's also not going headless. But since the application is open source and free, maybe somebody will implement those features. Let's hope so!
    bobo616 and eldricho like this.
    01-21-14 10:17 AM
  7. bobo616's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply.

    Posted via CB10
    01-21-14 11:09 AM

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