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    This thread is inspired by Mr.Vincent Romani who posted a thread on voting for Microsoft one note to be ported to blackberry 10.

    First off I think crackberry is an awesome community. The passion for blackberry is evident everywhere and with good reason.

    The more big name apps on blackberry world the better, native or not, it's a matter of perception and convenience. And no, not all apps are or will be available on amazon app store, Microsoft one note is an example.

    We could be on to something here, If everyone on crackberry puts our heads together we maybe able to do what Alec Saunders couldnt.

    The verge's poll is an example, if we can vote for our beloved devices for popularity, why not help strengthen it's ecosystem. We seem to be quite effective at it too.

    Sure we can mention a native app but that's just asking for a bit much right now. What we can do is to pressure developers to at least port their android app to blackberry world giving us at least a foot in. It is much much easier and faster for devs to port their android app than make a native one.

    For those who don't know, not all android ports are the same, blackberry 10 needs android apps which are free from Google play services and other dependencies.

    Then later as blackberry 10 user base increases we can pressure them into a native app.

    We should do this to all enterprise, productivity, messaging and communications app first then follow by the more consumer ones.

    Please vote for one note here:

    After that maybe we should pressure microsoft to port the entire office 365 app!

    Posted via CB10

    Posted via CB10
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    09-17-14 02:36 AM
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    This is already being talked about here

    09-17-14 06:16 AM
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    Considering they just dropped 2.5billion on a game asking them to have a native office sweet on BlackBerry 10 is not asking much. =P

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    10-03-14 09:00 AM

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