1. zaid-z10's Avatar
    Let us contact viber and write comments in this thread

    12-08-13 06:05 AM
  2. relaxat's Avatar
    'm having same model of bb z10 as you, and i'm using viber 2.3.5 and it's working great voice and message
    12-08-13 06:21 AM
  3. pedrogari's Avatar
    Let us contact viber and write comments in this thread

    me personally and other people has contact Viber in several occasion and I don't thing that Viber coming any time soon

    15. oct
    @duras Hi, if the small user base of #BB10 is a reason you not releasing @Viber, than charge for it you could make money and cover the costs.
    it's not about covering costs, it's about internal attention. We will try to get the Android version working on BB10

    Regarding Viber for Android he add: it's in development/fixing. bunch of small issues that cause it to crash.

    KB0102 24 nov
    @duras will you release Viber for Blackberry 10?

    @duras thank you for your replay. Please release version for BB10. I can't even imagine how good will be Viber on new Blackberry OS.

    Talmon Marco ‏@duras 24 nov
    @______ if more people buy it, sure.

    We can get Viber only if more people start to use BB10 or that Blackberry paid to Viber to publish the app
    12-08-13 07:35 AM

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