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    I have a Z10, and I'm a big Twitter user. On my old BB7 Bold, I used UberSocial (oh, how I wish that was on BB10...), so, for the last year, I've tried the usual options - Blaq was fine, but no hub integration - then the update, and, to be honest, I wished he hadn't. I now crashes for me constantly, and is very clunky & glitchy, so I've passed on that for now, at least. I've used Neatly, which has a nice look and feel, but also has it's faults (eg: I can't post a pic. without adding some kind of text - even just a full-stop - not ideal - I've EM'd the dev., but as yet, no solution).

    Ideally, I'd love to use the native Twitter app. OK, I know it's not exactly feature packed, but it has full, usable hub action, looks fine and is pretty smooth. However, I have one big issue - whenever I DL the app. (most recently today, having seen that it's been updated again), it totally chews my phone up for hours. I kind of know why this is - I have nearly 30'000 followers, and lots and lots of 'old' Tweets, follows, mentions etc. It loads hundreds and hundreds of them (maybe thousands), even if they've been read, and marked read on numerous occasions. It took over 6 hours today for it to settle - my hub is just blank - and the whole process starts again anytime I reset my phone, which is inevitable at some stage.

    I realise that one option is to turn off notifications, but this does somewhat defeat the object! I've tried deleting and re-installing the app., deleting from the accounts section, and so on. It's fine for ten minutes or so after DL, but then it jams everything up. I've tried to get a solution to this before, but I guess I guess I'm in a minority so far as followers go, so doubt many people have had a similar issue, but if anyone does have a solution or advice, it's be appreciated.
    02-07-14 05:52 AM
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    I too dislike the way all old tweets/posts from social media load in the hub. And I hate to be fetched to my phone by a notification to find someone has tagged me in a picture of a random cat....

    I now have all my social media set to DMs / messages only so only anything of importance goes into tbe hub. That might not be what you want to do, but its worth a thought
    02-07-14 05:59 AM

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