1. magsasaka's Avatar
    I just stumbled upon this app. This is highly useful for persons that love traveling.

    Check out Tripomatic Trip and Itinerary Planner and Offline City Maps in BlackBerry World! You can find it at Tripomatic Trip and Itinerary Planner and Offline City Maps - BlackBerry World

    Tripomatic : Traveling planning app-img_20140217_213114.png

    Tripomatic : Traveling planning app-img_20140217_212019.png

    Tripomatic : Traveling planning app-img_20140217_213110.png

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    02-17-14 11:09 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Hmmm am going to check this out. Thanks!
    02-17-14 11:36 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Why does BBWorld take so long to open to an App Page on my computer. Sometimes it is like it is drawing each pixel individually!

    Thanks for the link, OP.
    02-17-14 01:32 PM
  4. jem9777's Avatar
    This looks really neat...it's cross-platform (already available on iOS and Android). And it does offline maps properly, as an in-app purchase, rather than spamming BlackBerry World with 500 separate apps.
    02-17-14 02:37 PM
  5. frfghtr's Avatar
    Downloaded. Looks good.

    Posted via CB10
    02-17-14 07:41 PM
  6. theHip's Avatar
    Is anyone having problems with this app? I can't access attractions or maps anymore, and it's not displaying an image for my trip. The app was working fine before the weekend.

    Posted via CB10
    03-17-14 12:04 AM
  7. mode_m's Avatar
    I cannot sign in properly with my Google Account.
    10-07-14 01:52 PM

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