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    I got tilt when it was on sale and so far this app doesn't have all the features I need but I know that this is a work in progress and I am willing to wait for features. Now that being said my battery meter in the app that tells you how much battery I have left is very inaccurate


    Tilt battery time left inaccurate-img_20140402_103508.png
    That was right after I opened the app and I waited a few minutes and this is what it updated to

    Tilt battery time left inaccurate-img_20140402_104200.png

    Now here is my device manager time which I have tested and it has been very accurate to what the estimates have been

    Tilt battery time left inaccurate-img_20140402_103436.png

    Let me know what the problem could be. Also the temperature seems to be hot for what the phone feels like but I am not familiar enough with phone temperatures I don't really know if it's to hot or not.

    Sound off below with your theories

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    04-02-14 10:47 AM
  2. Stephen Hollowood's Avatar
    So I just let them both sit for about 10 minutes and here is what they both updated to

    Tilt battery time left inaccurate-img_20140402_104947.png
    More but still a lot less then

    Tilt battery time left inaccurate-img_20140402_104950.png

    Could one be the actual time and the other be more of the how long on standby time?

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    04-02-14 10:51 AM

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