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    Hi guys !

    Tapyhold Scrapbook has been updated with a long waited feature.

    Now you will be able to save your scrapbooks to JPG or PNG files and share it to Twitter, Facebook, attached in email, BBM'ed or via NFC, WIFI direct, etc. thanks to a new tool named PageShot at menu app.

    Other updates in 1.1.2 update:
    - Store your scapbooks in SD Card
    - Improved item management
    - Audio item loads album art now
    - Integrated help
    - Item Date tool
    - Z30 works

    Tapyhold (paid version) TapyHold - Scrapbook - BlackBerry World
    Tapyhold (free version) TapyHold Lite - Scrapbook - BlackBerry World

    Available for Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5 and Porsche Design

    Hope you enjoy, thanks !

    Tapyhold Scrapbook updated with Save & Share features-tapyhold_020_page1.jpg
    Tapyhold Scrapbook updated with Save & Share features-tp.jpg
    Tapyhold Scrapbook updated with Save & Share features-tapyhold_021_page1.jpg

    Advice: Because 10.2 OS bug, audio record item has been disabled ( but will be restored later in next updates)
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    12-13-13 11:54 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Very cool. Thanks for updating.
    12-13-13 12:42 PM
  3. BlackQtCoder's Avatar
    Thanks !
    I work for this
    12-13-13 05:42 PM

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