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    New deep, fresh and cool Tapyhold Lite update, version 1.0.9, for free

    Tapyhold is a multimedia scrapbook with multiple pages for all BB10 devices (Z10, Q10, Q5) . Built with Native Cascades, Built for Blackberry app designation. Showed in Built for Blackberry Wall at Blackberry Jam Americas (will be showed in next Jam Asia too)

    Lite version is limited to 2 pages per book, but can be extended to 10 pages through in-app purchase ( $0.99 / €0.89 )

    Big and tons of changes:

    * Share menu integration: add on the fly your multimedia stuff in existing or new book, in the same way that Remember app
    * Added +40 new cool backgrounds
    * Improved system of layouts
    * Default backgrounds and item layouts are possible now !
    * Massive aesthethic overhaul
    * Improved item manage: double tap for stuff insert
    * Improved performance
    * Bug fixes

    Lite version specific changes:
    * Music & Record items now available
    * Text Note tool now available

    -- Advice: Screenshot / Share page / Share book will come in next update (10.2 OS versions)

    Tapyhold Lite (free version) : BlackBerry World - TapyHold Lite - Scrapbook

    Tapyhold ( $0.99 ) link: BlackBerry World - TapyHold - Scrapbook

    Support from Duantox Apps:
    Twitter https://twitter.com/duantox
    Email info [at) duantox {dot}CoM

    TapyHold Scrapbook: Lite Version 1.0.9 Released (Massive Update)-img_01.jpgTapyHold Scrapbook: Lite Version 1.0.9 Released (Massive Update)-img_02.jpgTapyHold Scrapbook: Lite Version 1.0.9 Released (Massive Update)-img_03.jpgTapyHold Scrapbook: Lite Version 1.0.9 Released (Massive Update)-img_04.jpgTapyHold Scrapbook: Lite Version 1.0.9 Released (Massive Update)-img_09.jpgTapyHold Scrapbook: Lite Version 1.0.9 Released (Massive Update)-img_12.jpgTapyHold Scrapbook: Lite Version 1.0.9 Released (Massive Update)-img_19.jpgTapyHold Scrapbook: Lite Version 1.0.9 Released (Massive Update)-img_18.jpg

    Thanks for your support ! Feel free to let a honest review at BB World
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    08-22-13 01:06 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Nice! Thanks for the update.
    BlackQtCoder likes this.
    08-22-13 08:42 PM
  3. BlackQtCoder's Avatar
    Thanks pkcable ! I hope Crackberry audience enjoys Tapyhold, I work for this
    Suggestions, bugs found and feedback are welcomed.
    08-23-13 01:30 AM
  4. curvezzz's Avatar
    How do you save the finished book?

    AT&T Z10STL100-3/
    11-23-13 11:56 AM
  5. BlackQtCoder's Avatar
    Now you can save and share your scrapbooks with new update 1.1.2 for 10.2.X OS
    12-13-13 12:14 PM

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