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    I just got I previously had 10.1

    Now if i want to sideload any android apps (I want to get Talkatone), do i have to again sideload a new version of Runtime, or just sideloading the app will work? If i must get a new runtime, any advice on which is the appropriate version for Z10 OS or a link for it? The reason i ask is that one time i sidloaded the wrong runtime version and it was a nighmare trying to get the right version as the wrong version could not be deleted!!

    Thank you in advance! xx
    02-08-14 10:32 AM
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    Once on 10.2.1.*** you can directly install apk files from the Android Market of your choice. I personally use Snap to get them from GooglePlay, but Amazon app store works too.
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    02-08-14 10:57 AM
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    How does snap work? I have DDPB and thats what i used before. I dont know any other way to get apps :/
    02-08-14 11:20 AM
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    Ok so i did actually find the snap bar file! ITS SO GREAT! Only when i snap-installed google voice and talkatone, both dont work. Google voice freezes when i click next and doesnt allow me to enter my google login details. talkatone lets me log in. When i try and dial a number though, it just crashes. Also tried to install audible, and it let me log in and get my ebook from the cloud to the device, but soon as i hit 'play', it crashed. now it just doesnt open, everytime i click on the icon, it takes me back to the z10 home screen. Similarly, Shazam also does not work. Any advice? Is it my older runtime file thats messing things up? what should i do. Thank you!!!!
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    02-08-14 11:42 AM

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