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    I know there are a number of threads on getting the data in the Remember app to restore properly... but I was wondering about a specific issue.

    I backed-up my Z30 and it is not having trouble charging: I was without my BB10 device for a day, good think I was in a car driving home from the US so I had no data service to occupy me or I would have been suffering withdrawl... at any rate, I restored my Z30 (running 10.2.1) backup onto my Z10 that is running 10.3 and even though all my Remember data is present, there are no "folders". I tried to create a folder thinking that the "folder" or tags were just not restored, but when I tried, the folder created had a "-1" suffix, indicating that the other "folders" were there, but somehow masked or... something.

    Is there a proper way to make sure that data restored from 10.2.1 into 10.3 is restored properly, or is this just an artifact of changes between 10.2.1 and 10.3 that I'll have to live with until 10.3 (or 10.3.1) is out of "leak" stage?
    06-23-14 03:23 PM
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    Use the app Backup Pro to migrate Remember notes between OS upgrades.

    Here is a 2 minute demonstration.

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    06-23-14 11:21 PM
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    Nice video.
    06-24-14 09:45 AM

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