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    My first BlackBerry was a Pearl 8100. It was my first phone with an internet connection too. But if you already experienced surfing on websites on a 8100, you know it's very hard.
    And you know you wanted the information you're looking for very quickly when you're on the go with your mobile, because you are not comfortably installed at home...

    That's why I had the idea of an app which one allows me to search quickly on many websites at one time.
    The idea is simple, you receive a mail, copy some text in it and launch the app to search the copied text. It's easy. No need to open the browser, open a website, copy, paste and so on with different websites.
    The app exists and is for sale on BlackBerry OS : it's called SuperClipboard SuperClipboard - BlackBerry World

    It's not my best seller on BBOS but I used it over years even when I got new smartphones like the Torch 9800, even if it's easier to search the web on it.

    And BlackBerry 10 makes its way, the new OS is not only wonderful, it tells every java developers : I don't want your apps, they don't look good enough on me. Well it was time to reconsider SuperClipboard and I totally rewrite my app for the BB10 OS : it's called All In One Search App All In One Search App - BlackBerry World

    From SuperClipboard to All In One Search App-iconallinonesearchapp480x480.png

    If you compare the main screen, we can say the Cascades framework is so great. With native components you get a beautiful user interface compared with the old BBOS :

    From SuperClipboard to All In One Search App-superclipboard.jpg

    From SuperClipboard to All In One Search App-allinonesearchapp.png

    Now you don't have to click buttons anymore to open each websites on the browser, they are all displayed in the same screen. Too little to read : you can zoom, scroll, like on the browser. Want to view a website in full screen ? Click the zoom button and you got it, inside the app. You don't have to switch from All In One Search App and The Browser (but if you need to go to the browser from the app you can).

    The app comes with pre-configures web links like Yahoo, Google, Amazon... But the most important for me is you can configure your web links. Here in France we have a very popular website to buy second hand stuff : leboncoin.fr
    You don't care of it in Canada but it's very important for the french people because here you buy houses, cars, furnitures, ... And they don't have apps, or APIS...
    When I was looking for a house to buy I used the web link : Annonces Ventes immobiliŤres Lorraine - leboncoin.fr

    Each day, and many times a day I used this quick link to what I'm searching for. Without having to open the browser, choose the category, size, ...
    That way I know all the new houses to sell when they comes to the market.

    Another example : when I'm at the mall, looking for bluray movies, I can easily compare the prices on Amazon, Ebay,... and decide if the price is acceptable or not.
    When you are shopping you don't have many times to spend on your phones searching the prices, you need it right now.
    The app feature that can help in this situation is the possibility to filter the websites displayed on the screen with the categorie selection. Select 'Shopping' and you've got only the shopping websites.

    Another feature which is great on BlackBerry 10 is how you can select a text anywhere and invoke other apps. I've implemented the invocation of the app so that you'll be able to search selected texts very quickly in All In One Search App.

    I wanted to write this post to explain the birth, how and why you'll use this app.
    Finally, the price : yes it's 2,99$. It's not free. But I'm spending many times on my apps, making them useful, simple to use, bug free and I'm upgrading them regularly for free.
    Hope you'll like it and don't forget to rate and review on BlackBerry World, it's VERY important for the developers.

    02-20-14 07:13 AM
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    Good luck with your new app for the bb10 devices.
    02-20-14 09:47 AM

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