07-27-14 01:21 PM
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    v2.2 Fix submitted:

    Change log:
    Issue 86 Black text on dark blue background makes text unreadable
    Issue 88 Fade a black overlay on top of background to make text more readable
    Issue 89 Allow multiple narrations to be quick-searched from the Search tab
    Issue 90 Allow additional search fields to be removed from the screen
    Issue 91 Allow similar hadith to be attached to a tafsir
    Issue 92 Allow narration linking directly from tafsir narrations page
    Issue 93 Allow setting active tile font size
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    07-15-14 01:50 AM
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    This changelog is looking really good.
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    07-15-14 01:52 AM
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    How can we more translation? So Ppl can choose which language they'd prefer...

    Please have this option to add additional language. We can help to join effort to improve the translation based on books that we have in each respective language..


    Z30STA100-2/ from CB10

    in shaa Allah we are trying to contact some of the publishers to get us the text in digital form. If we are able to we can get more languages

    Posted via CB10
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    07-15-14 02:09 AM
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    Sunnah10: A native BB10 app for Muslims for reference hadith books-builtforblackberry_onwht-copy.png

    This app is Built-For-BlackBerry certified now! Thank you for all the continued support!
    07-27-14 01:21 PM
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