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    blah blah
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    12-07-14 04:19 AM
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    Smaato api, it's only needed for ads

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    12-07-14 04:24 AM
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    12-07-14 04:40 AM
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    The description of the Snap10 app states " Location: Allowing to get your location for a specific app purpose (we don't sell your location)" which seems kinda shady, as why would you need to get it but not do anything with it?? This along with the lack of an actually privacy policy, I dissembled the bar and found this and while it seems be related to serving adds, the description should at least be updated to reflect that as well as detailing what information he actually collects. Attachment 319139

    I may look deeper in the app at later point to see what else is going on
    Me as a developer I don't sell any info nor I don't even know and no plans. If you are really afraid, just turn off the permissions you don't want. BBWorld Descriptions have limitations of texts. not all can be written there.

    I'm using Smaato Ad Service and Flurry API. Go google for their privacy stuffs
    12-08-14 12:22 AM

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