1. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I wanted to announce my first app, SmartWatch Companion. This is now available for download in BlackBerry World, and is designed using Talk2Watch's API - it requires Talk2Watch to communicate with a smartphone - it can be used standalone, but this was not the design intention, and is only half of the experience. For Smartphone connectivity as designed, you MUST have Talk2Watch installed.

    Features include:

    Google/Lastpass Authenticator code generator
    detailed weather report
    stock/bitcoin/litecoin quotes
    London Underground Tube Alerts
    Integrated RSS reader
    Built in Alarms
    Reverse Geocode location features
    Fully integrated BlackBerry 10 Share client/target
    Fully BBM Connected app with integrated social features.

    The app is available at Smart Watch Companion - BlackBerry World.

    Further info and support is available via the SWC dedicated BBM Channel - C003A0383
    03-19-14 03:48 PM
  2. pantlesspenguin's Avatar
    Looks great!
    03-19-14 04:38 PM
  3. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    HI All,

    just to let you know, there is an update in BlackBerry World today for SWC - it includes new features such as more authenticator options, custom RSS feeds, ability to create a calendar reminder to recharge your watch directly from the watch, and a Plex Media controller remote control.

    I hope you enjoy it.
    04-10-14 11:16 AM
  4. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    HI all, just to let you know, my app SWC has received a massive update today - it is now headless, includes NFC features to activate functions by tapping an NFC tag, includes French and German localisation and customisable alarm sounds. In addition you can leave a marker where you parked your car and get pedestrian route guidance via BlackBerry Maps back to your car in what I loosely refer to as 'Dude where's my car?' mode. It also contains geolocational reminders and some features for Minecraft server admins. Its the big one!
    06-05-14 05:47 AM
  5. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    Hi all,

    just to let you know I have released another app - BlockID - a searchable guide to all Minecraft Block ID's for use in console commands.


    The app delivers the results on screen, and if you own the Talk2Watch app, it will echo those results to the Smartwatch. It also uses the Upfront app, and delivers the result to the Upfront active frame. The Talk2Watch support is the reason I bring it up here as it might interest some of the smartwatch owners who have supported SWC if they are Minecraft players, or have kids who are like me!
    06-06-14 05:30 AM
  6. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    Update -SWC is now a Built for BlackBerry approved app

    Posted via CB10
    06-11-14 02:35 PM
  7. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    ok, as it's my birthday, my pressie to you all is a reduced price sale on all 5 of my apps until the end of the week!

    Remember all my apps are Built for BlackBerry, Hub and BBM integrated, for that full native BlackBerry 10 experience?

    Cast - Cast for BlackBerry - BlackBerry World

    SWC - Smart Watch Companion - BlackBerry World

    Companion - Companion (with NFC) - BlackBerry World

    MobID - MobID - BlackBerry World

    BlockID - BlockID - BlackBerry World
    06-24-14 09:36 AM

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