1. bobo616's Avatar
    What do you think the odds are of bb10 getting a smart glass app for the new Xbox that was announced yesterday?

    Posted via CB10
    05-22-13 07:04 AM
  2. anon(5818411)'s Avatar
    by when the new xbox comes out i think blackberry will be bigger. The aristo (blackberry's flagship phone) will be out around xmas. Blackberry will have a nice line of phones by then targeting every markey. Q5 for girls, kids, poorer countries and who just don't want to pay for a good phone (it'll definitely sell). Z10/Q10 are sellign amazing.

    On the other side of the spectrum microsoft will have to do something big to keep all their customer's while trying to steal ps3 customers.

    Long story short: Yes, it would be a good move for Microsoft to have a smart glass app for all phones to win all the customers.
    05-22-13 03:53 PM
  3. bobo616's Avatar
    Hopefully you are right, I just have a feeling it will be for ios, android and of course windows phone.

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    05-23-13 12:24 AM
  4. miketko's Avatar
    It better be coming or hopefully someone can make a bar file

    Posted with my Q10
    05-23-13 12:33 AM
  5. seemsixty7's Avatar
    Add me to the list of users wanting the smart glass app. I love my Xbox 360's and can't wait to start playing on the XBOX One.
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    05-23-13 04:48 PM
  6. kennybb's Avatar
    I really want Smart Glass to come to BB10. But I have a feeling it won't be.

    Posted via CB10
    05-23-13 05:23 PM
  7. XP7051V3's Avatar
    I'm sure it will be a great side load once we get the android 4.2 runtime.

    Posted via CB10
    05-23-13 09:52 PM
  8. Dante980's Avatar
    11-22-13 02:00 PM
  9. habs_fan's Avatar
    Yep it works fine running the 10.2.1 leak

    Posted from my Z30.
    11-22-13 05:39 PM

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