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    Hi everyone,

    Some of you know me as the author of BBTube. This time I'd like to introduce a completely different app.
    I've called it Sleep Noise. You can download it at https://1drv.ms/u/s!AglY1qWcsdkApWQ3...nDYqX?e=hn1Jmc

    The main purpose of it is playing colored noise, namely White, Pink, Blue, Red, Brown, Grey. Personally, I prefer pink noise. My wife and I use it every day to improve our little daughter's sleep. There are some researches which claim that such a noise is helpful for one's sleep, besides that, it helps to mask surrounding noises from cars, tools, etc. Also, I've found this info: "In healthcare applications, white noise is used to mask tinnitus, a buzzing, ringing, or whistling in your ear, occurring without any stimulus."

    Long story short, it's a niche app which I would recommend for young parents and people who feel usefulness from colored noises.
    There are several alternatives in App World but I didn't manage to find the one which perfectly fits my needs.

    Sleep Noise is a very simple single-page native app implemented using C++ Cascades framework.
    Main Features:
    - Simple UI
    - Loves your phone's battery
    - Plays sounds without interruptions
    - Allows setting a timer
    - Is integrated with OS's 'Now Playing' controls (hence, the Assistance key can be used for pausing/playing)

    I tested the app on Classic (daily driver).

    As usual, use Sachesi or similar tools to side-load the app on your phone.

    Technical notes:
    - The app doesn't use the built-in MediaPlayer component, it outputs directly to the phone's sound card using low-level QNX API.
    - There are some interruptions while turning off the screen or restoring the app from the background, don't know how to improve that.
    - The app uses 'Runs in the background' permission

    - Slightly improved sound quality
    - Fixed a sporadic app crash
    App Launch, main features are listed at the top of this Post

    Hope that someone will find the app to be helpful.
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    Wow! Curious to try that out, tried rain and white noise before haha. Thank u Alexey for giving us new impulses!

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    02-27-21 04:17 PM
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    Version is out.
    - Slightly improved sound quality
    - Fixed a sporadic app crash
    02-28-21 08:02 AM