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    Shia Prayer Time-img_20140621_011650.png
    Shia Prayer Time-img_20140621_011856.png
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    Shia Prayer Time-img_20140621_011656.png
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    Your Pocket companion to keep track of Islamic prayers time worldwide.

    * Calculation based on Jafari(Shia Ithna Ashari) method.
    * Calculates related solar/lunar times as well.
    * Live video feed from grand mosque of Makkah
    * Live video feed from grand mosque of Madinah
    * Notification with Adhan sound with option to integrate with BlackBerry® Hub™.
    * Hijri date calculation.
    * Hijri date adjustment.
    * Any date selection for prayer time calculation.
    * Any date selection for Hijri date calculation.
    * Prayer time sharing feature available.
    * Detects system clock changes and adjust automatically.
    * Changes date automatically.

    * Includes Qibla Compass for worldwide location.
    * Qibla compass usage guide included for easy and correct usage.
    * Calculate and displays Qibla location.
    * Calculates distance to Qibla.
    * Qibla coordinate sharing feature available.

    * Location Lookup using Google map API.
    * Location Lookup using GPS system of device.
    * Integrated with Places database and place picker on system.
    * Share location with geographic coordinates.

    * Integrated with BBM™ social platform.

    * Rich fluid UI.
    * Fully customizable and feature rich.
    * Supports all BlackBerry® 10 models

    Download Link :
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    It would be great if you'll put a link for your app in BlackBerry World.
    06-22-14 05:09 AM

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