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    Hi! Did you know our BlackBerrys are capable of running J2ME Java apps?

    1) Download and install J2ME Loader from F-Droid
    2) Download and install X-Plore 4.17 or some other capable Android file manager. For some strange reason, adding it directly in J2ME loader does not work.
    3) Download your .jars anywhere, where X-Plore can read it
    4) Open the .jar file and select "J2ME Loader" to open it
    5) Enjoy

    Unfortunately, keyboard is not supported. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

    And now, for the Playbook (should also work for BlackBerry 10, but I see no reason to do it)
    1) Downlad and sideload PPSSPP 1.5.4 Android .bar
    2) Download PSPKVM v0.5.5 to your Playbook
    3) Download your .jar files anywhere Android can read it
    4) Run PSPKVM in PPSSPP
    5) Use virtual D-Pad to navigate and circle to confirm. Navigate to System midlets --> Find Applications --> Install from memory stick
    6) Navigate to folder with your .jar and open it with circle
    7) Choose your prefered device to emulate (e.g. Samsung D900 for Samsung 240x320 apps)
    8) Done.

    I was not able to test it on PlayBook, though. Only on Passport. Assuming PPSSPP is for Android 2.3+ and it runs on Passport, I am hoping it will work on Playbook too. Otherwise, you may need to try using and older Android version - but not older than 0.9.9 - it crashes on start. Note, that running it in on native PPSSPP does not work also, as it is using core, which is way too old for PSPKVM to be compatible with.

    Have a nice day.

    All files repository with video guide on PSPKVM in PPSSPP: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde..._E?usp=sharing

    Some of the games in this post (will be updated):
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    For less sophisticated users, what does this mean? What sorts of Java apps would be fun or useful? Is this mainly for tinkering? Or more?

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    05-18-21 02:52 PM
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    Well. Speaking of BlackBerry 10, large collection of java games throughout the mobile history should now work.

    For apps, there is still some active development around S40 java based devices, but probably way smaller, than on Android 4.3, so this would not be a lot of a addition to the BlackBerry working app database...
    05-18-21 03:18 PM
  4. lxmx's Avatar
    Thank you! What an elegant solution with PPSSPP. Will try on the Playbook when I get a chance.
    05-18-21 07:57 PM
  5. conite's Avatar
    Or just buy a brand-spanking new Kindle 8 HD for $90?
    05-18-21 08:30 PM
  6. Ben xfg's Avatar
    Or just buy a brand-spanking new Kindle 8 HD for $90?
    What's the fun in that?
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    05-18-21 08:43 PM
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    Or just buy a brand-spanking new Kindle 8 HD for $90?
    Too easy - we want to fumble around with obscure settings/software/devices etc until we pull our hair out then experience that AH-HAAAA moment when it all comes together and works, play with it for 5-10 minutes then put it BACK IN THE BOX, forget about it until the next trick arises.
    05-18-21 08:48 PM
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    Actually I do think this is for a more than 5-10 minutes of fun.

    Assuming you'll find some good games to play. I can recommend Dweller, for example - a free, but complex rogue-like game. (use 480x272 for 16:9 experience in PPSSPP on Playbook, otherwise feel free to choose your resolution and aspect ration in J2ME loader as you wish on BB10)

    Or, Combat Pillows are fun to play, but you need translator for Czech language if you won't make it through the menu. (Use Samsung D600 240x320 in order to run it in PPSSPP, in J2ME Loader just 240x320 is enough) Tip: It is even more fun on BB 10, as you can play with your Android and dumb-phone friends via bluetooth, making it one of the last working cross-platform multiplayer game available for us.

    Snake from new Nokia 3310 runs as well (240x320 both on PPSSPP and J2ME Loader, but on J2ME Loader set Graphics mode to HW acceleration (OpenGL ES) and set max framerate to 32 FPS to get original speed.)

    And for a long gameplay, Doom RPG will take you... Literally, hours. Choose your experience by choosing resolution before downloading.
    Download Doom RPG Java Game - dedomil.net
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